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What you need to do is take off that sensor and have it tested at a local automotive parts supply store. This sensor is the variable speed sensor. If it is bad, get it changed, and when you plug it in it should move.

AnswerIf that connection is to the lock-up torque converter clutch, it may be causing the clutch to stay engaged all of the time. This would cause a direct connection between the engine and the wheels whenever the car was in put into gear. The engine would probably always stall when shifted into gear.
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Q: Why would the 4T60E transaxle on a 94 Bonneville stop working and not move in drive or reverse unless the electrical connection on the top of the transaxle is disconnected?
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How do you take out the vss on a 98 ford escort zx2?

Locate the VSS on top of the transaxle. It has an electrical connector to it. Disconnect the electrical connection. Remove the retaining clip and disconnect the speedometer cable. Pry the speed sensor out of the housing. Check the o ring for being bad. Installation is the reverse of this information.

What is the transaxle on a Mazda 6?


What is ATX mean on Chrysler pacifica?

Automatic transaxleAutomatic transaxle

Where is the backup light switch on a 1979 air cooled VW?

The switch is located on the nosecone of the transaxle, look on the front (the side furthest from the engine) of the transaxle near where the shifter linkage is. You will see electrical wires going to the backup light switch.

Why won't the rear wheels turn on my gardenway hydrostatic tractor?

Here are a few possibilities. 1) The drive belt from the engine to the transaxle (rearend) has come off or broken. 2) The brake on the transaxle is stuck and keeping the brakes locked up. 3) There is a problem inside the transaxle. 4) A pulley or tensioner that keeps the pressure on the belt has broken or needs attention. 5) The linkage from the handle to the transaxle has become disconnected or out of asjustment. You will need someone to watch the belts, pulleys etc while you try to operate the mower to determine what is going on.

Do You have a 1999 Chevy transaxle schematics?

yes, i do. it is a 4t60e transaxle

Is it possible to take the engine of a Toyota Paseo without taking of the transmission?

Yes, all transmissions can be disconnected from the engine. I recently did just that but wasn't fun.. To remove engine with transaxle left in car you have to take everything off down to the block.. Putting back in you have to disconnect cv axle on passenger side from transaxle then motor will go back in..

How do you replace the automatic transmission on a 1997 Hyundai Elantra?

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove battery and battery tray 2. Remove the air intake duct and the air cleaner housing 3. Disconnect the transaxle ground cable and the transaxle range sensor 4. Disconnect the transaxle harness connector from the side of transaxle 5. Drain the transaxle fluid then disconnect the transaxle cooling lines 6. Remove the upper transaxle-to-engine mounting bolt 7. Raise the car and support it on jack stands. Secure the engine with a engine support brace or with an engine lift and chain. 8. Remove the transaxle mount bracket 9. Remove the front wheels 10. Remove the bolts from the center member and the transaxle roll stopper 11. Disconnect the lower control arms from the steering knuckle and remove drive axles 12. Remove the transaxle stay followed by the bell housing access cover 13. Remove the torque converter bolts. A screwdriver wedged in the ring gear teeth will keep the torque converter from rotating. Rotate the engine for access to all bolts 14. Support transaxle with transmission Jack to lower transaxle from car 15. Make final check everything is disconnected 16. Remove the mounting and retaining bolts and lower transaxle from the car

Why wouldn't the O D OFF light appear on the instrument cluster when you turn off the overdrive on a 1994 Geo Prizm with an automatic transaxle with overdrive?

It could be because the bulb is burned out ot he wire is disconnected.

Where is the transaxle on 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The transaxle/transmission is bolted to the driver side of the engine.The transaxle/transmission is bolted to the driver side of the engine.

How do you replace a manual transmission in a 89 Honda accord?

# Disconnect the negative battery cable. # Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands. # Drain transaxle lubricant. # Diconnect the shift and clutch linkage. # Detach the speedometer cable and wire harness connectors. # Remove the exhaust system components for clearance # Support the engine.This can be done from above with hoist or place a jack with a block of wood under oil pan. # Remove any chassis or suspension components that will interfere with removal. # Disconnect the driveaxles # Support the transaxle with a jack then remove the bolts securing the transaxle to the engine. # Remove the transaxle mount nuts and bolts # Remove starter # make a final check that all wires and hoses have been disconnected then carefully pull transaxle nd jack away from the engine # once the input shaft is clear lower transaxle and remove it from under car. # DO NOT DEPRESS THE CLUTCH PEDAL WHILE TRANSAXLE IS OUT OF THE VEHICLE.

What is the transmission capacity of a 1992 Ford Escort Wagon?

A manual transaxle requires 2.9 quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid. Fill at speedometer cable connection.

Is the transaxle part of the transmission?

A transaxle is the transmission in a front wheel drive vehicle

Is the transaxle the same as the power steering?

No, a transaxle is a transmission in a front wheel drive car.

How do you install transaxel in Toyota Tercel 1995?

You generally start by dropping both front axles at the transaxle then disconnecting all electrical, hydraulic, control, refrigerant, and fuel lines then disconnecting the motor mounts and hoisting the engine/transaxle assembly out as a unit. From there, you unbolt the bellhousing of the transaxle and split it off. Installation is the reverse. Find a good shop manual and a buddy who has done it before. The job will require at least a case of beer.

Will a 41TE transaxle out of a 96 Caravan fit a 2000 Caravan both have 3.3 L and both have overdrive?

The electrical connectors on the trans are most likely different. So it will not work.

What are the steps in pulling a 3-speed auto in a 1998 2.2 Pontiac Sunfire?

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Properly drain the transaxle. Remove the air intake duct. Disconnect the TV cable. Remove the shift cable and bracket. Tag and detach all necessary vacuum lines and electrical connections. Remove the power steering pump and set aside. Remove the transaxle filler tube. Install engine support fixture J 28467-A or equivalent. Remove the top engine-to-transaxle bolts. Raise and safely support the vehicle. Remove both front tire and wheel assemblies. Remove the left splash shield. Remove both front ABS wheel speed sensors and the harness from the left suspension support. remove both lower ball joints. Disconnect the stabilizer shaft links. Remove the front air deflector. Remove the left suspension support and both drive axles. Disconnect the engine-to-transaxle brace, then remove the transaxle converter cover. Remove the starter Unfasten the flywheel-to-torque converter bolts. Disconnect the transaxle cooler pipes. Detach the ground wires from the engine-to-transaxle bolt. Remove the cooler pipe brace and the exhaust brace. Remove the bolts from the engine and transaxle mount. Support the transaxle with a suitable jack. Unfasten the transaxle mount-to-body bolts. Remove the heater core hose pipe brace-to-transaxle nut and bolt. Unfasten the remaining engine-to-transaxle bolts, then remove the transaxle assembly from the vehicle.

Is the car drivable if the transaxle light comes on?

if the transaxle light comes on in the car can you still drive it

Where is the dipstick for transmission fluid on a 96 Ford Aspire?

The AUTOMATIC transmission ( transaxle ) dipstick is on the transaxle just to the left of the battery when looking from the front of the vehicle , the manual transaxle does not have a dipstick

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1990 Honda accord use?

It depends on if it is a manual transaxle or an automatic transaxle. If it is a manual transaxle, you can use any SG-rated 5W30 motor oil. If it is an automatic transaxle, then you need DEXRON II Automatic Transmission Fluid.

How do you fix a p0705 code on a Kia Spectra?

P0705 is the code for the transaxle range signal malfunction. It can be caused by faulty park/neutral position switch, misadjusted park/neutral position switch, the park/neutral position switch harness shorted or the park/neutral position switch circuit having a poor electrical connection. Try changing out the switch.

How much transaxle fluid in 96 Ford Aspire?

Automatic overdrive transaxle ( 6 quarts / 5.7 liters ) 5 speed manual transaxle ( 5.2 quarts / 4.9 liters )

What happens if the transaxle range sensor goes bad?

what happens if the transaxle range sensor goes bad?

Is transaxle fluid the same as transmission fluid?

Yes , the transaxle is a transmission on a front wheel drive vehicle

How do you refill manual transaxle oil in 98 Camry?

There should be a fill plug somewhere on the side of the transaxle.