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Why would the 4T60E transaxle on a 94 Bonneville stop working and not move in drive or reverse unless the electrical connection on the top of the transaxle is disconnected?


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2011-09-13 17:22:10
2011-09-13 17:22:10

What you need to do is take off that sensor and have it tested at a local automotive parts supply store. This sensor is the variable speed sensor. If it is bad, get it changed, and when you plug it in it should move.

AnswerIf that connection is to the lock-up torque converter clutch, it may be causing the clutch to stay engaged all of the time. This would cause a direct connection between the engine and the wheels whenever the car was in put into gear. The engine would probably always stall when shifted into gear.

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Locate the VSS on top of the transaxle. It has an electrical connector to it. Disconnect the electrical connection. Remove the retaining clip and disconnect the speedometer cable. Pry the speed sensor out of the housing. Check the o ring for being bad. Installation is the reverse of this information.

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Automatic transaxleAutomatic transaxle

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The switch is located on the nosecone of the transaxle, look on the front (the side furthest from the engine) of the transaxle near where the shifter linkage is. You will see electrical wires going to the backup light switch.

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Here are a few possibilities. 1) The drive belt from the engine to the transaxle (rearend) has come off or broken. 2) The brake on the transaxle is stuck and keeping the brakes locked up. 3) There is a problem inside the transaxle. 4) A pulley or tensioner that keeps the pressure on the belt has broken or needs attention. 5) The linkage from the handle to the transaxle has become disconnected or out of asjustment. You will need someone to watch the belts, pulleys etc while you try to operate the mower to determine what is going on.

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yes, i do. it is a 4t60e transaxle

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