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Why would the ABS light come on and stay lit after having a front brake job done on a 1994 Ford Explorer XLT?


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2015-07-17 17:43:15
2015-07-17 17:43:15

The ABS sensor was moved out of adjustment. all you should have to do is push the sensor against the tone ring


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To replace the brake light on a 2000 Ford Explorer, remove the screws holding the brake light in place. Gently, but firmly, pull the brake light out of the vehicle and replace with a new one.

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bulb # for brake light on your explorer is a 3157 backup light bulb # is 3156 hope this helps

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Where is brake light fuse for 2004 Ford Explorer located

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Defective or out of adjustment brake light switch.

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If the brake light in your dash is on , either the BRAKE FLUID LEVEL in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment is LOW or your parking brake is on

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