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Why would the ABS light on the dash keeps coming on even after the front brakes and rotors were replaced on a 1992 Buick Riviera?

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2015-07-14 15:05:49
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Hey Stacy==When there is a malfunction in the ABS there is a trouble code set in the ebcm just like the check engine light. Generally it takes a tech 11 scanner to read the codes and about the only people who have them are the dealers. They need to read the codes and correct what is wrong. Generally when the light is on there are no anti-loc brakes just regular. GoodluckJoe

AnswerNot sure if I'm too late,I had the same problem after a brake job, turned out to be a "slightly" disconnected connector at the sensor on the rear brake assembly. New Answeryou wont need a scanner to retrieve the trouble codes, I can tell you how to do it by pressing a few buttons. From there, a quick search on the Internet will tell you what the codes stand for. Let me know if you want to retrieve your trouble codes.

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Your brake rotors are warped and need replaced/resurfaced.

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