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Hey Stacy==When there is a malfunction in the ABS there is a trouble code set in the ebcm just like the check engine light. Generally it takes a tech 11 scanner to read the codes and about the only people who have them are the dealers. They need to read the codes and correct what is wrong. Generally when the light is on there are no anti-loc brakes just regular. GoodluckJoe

AnswerNot sure if I'm too late,I had the same problem after a brake job, turned out to be a "slightly" disconnected connector at the sensor on the rear brake assembly. New Answeryou wont need a scanner to retrieve the trouble codes, I can tell you how to do it by pressing a few buttons. From there, a quick search on the internet will tell you what the codes stand for. Let me know if you want to retrieve your trouble codes.
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Q: Why would the ABS light on the dash keeps coming on even after the front brakes and rotors were replaced on a 1992 Buick Riviera?
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What makes brakes pulsate when coming to a complete stop?

Rotors out of round and need to be replaced or resurfaced?

You replaced your brake rotors and pads and you still feel and hear a grinding noise?

Maybe it's coming from the rear brakes.

Why would your brakes smoke on a 1996 Dodge Neon after you had the brakes and rotors replaced?

Frozen brake caliper

Rotors Replaced?

form_title=Rotors Replaced form_header=Improve your brake performance with replacement rotors. We will help find you an expert auto technician to install new rotors. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Have you noticed any unusual shaking lately when you press on the brakes?= () Yes () No () Not Sure How long has it been since you had your brakes replaced?=_ Have your brakes been squealing or making any noises? = () Yes () No () Not Sure

03 expedition Replaced front rotors and pads and still shakes when applying brakes?

It must be the rear brakes at fault.

Why does my steering shake when brakes are applied?

Your brake rotors are warped and need replaced/resurfaced.

How do you repair a metal to metal sound coming from the brakes?

Replace the pads, and the rotors. You need to change the brake pads and the rotors.

I replaced the brake pads and one of the rotors on my 1996 Oldsmobile achieva and now the brakes won't work at all. I'be tried bleeding the brakes and no air is coming out but there's still a problem.?

change that calipers

How long and how often do the front brakes need to be replace and rotors resurfaced?

They need replaced when they wear out.

Why does the steering shake when brakes are applied?

Could be that the rotors are "out of round" and need either to be resurfaced or replaced

Cause of pulsating brakes?

Rotors may be out of "round" (lateral runout) and need to be resurfaced or replaced

What causes the vehicle to hop when brakes are applies?

Warped rotors. They need to be removed, turned or replaced.

Why do new brakes grind?

New brakes do not grind. If you replaced the brake pads and resurfaced the rotors you may hear a bit of a sound but it is normal until the pads and rotors wear during normal driving.

Chrysler front end shakes when you hit the brakes?

Your rotors are warped. You need new brake pads and the rotors turned at a machine shop or replaced.

1994 cambry shakes when brakes are applied What is wrong?

Rotors out of round - need to be re-surfaced or replaced

Why would there be pulsation on your brakes after you replaced pads and turned rotors on a 2006 Nissan?


What would cause a 97 Maxima to vibrate when you apply the brakes?

your brake rotors are warped. You should repalce you brake pads and have the rotors resurfaced if possible, or replaced.

Why would your car vibrate after installing new brakes?

Were the rotors resurfaced or replaced, or just the pads? Warped rotors are the most common cause of vibration when braking

Why do my brakes still grind after i changed my hub bearing rotors and pads in my 1998 Chevy Malibu?

The grinding could be coming from the rear brakes.

Brakes vibrate when im stopping and steering wheel moves?

your rotors on the front are warped. they need to be turned or replaced.

Brakes still squeaking after changing pads?

Cheap metallic brake pads always squeal. It is recommended to turn the rotors and lube the slide pins. Is it four wheel disc? Make sure the noise is coming from the axle that the brakes were replaced. Do this; replace pads with ceramic brake pads, resurface or replace rotors, and lube all metal moving parts.

Why do rotors need to be replaced?

Brake rotors wear just as brake pads do and when they wear down beyond minimum specs they become unsafe. Good brakes are a # 1 priority.

Why would a 2001 buick century brakes vibrate and make noise?

The most likely problem is warped rotors. Have rotors turned or replaced. Replace front brake pads.

This is evidence that brake drums or rotors have been overheated and need to be replaced?

If the rotors have over heated you will get brake chatter. The pedal will shake when you apply the brakes. Usually the drums are a little tougher. The new rotors are very thin.

Why do your brakes on your Oldsmobile feel like they are being pumped when you press slowly on the pedal?

Rotors "out of round" and need to be resurfaced or replaced?