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It's a warning that something has gone wrong with the ABS system. You'll need to have an ABS code scanner connected to read the brake codes. Unfortunately, ABS code scanners aren't yet available to the public the way engine code scanners are.

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Q: Why would the ABS light stay lit on a 1997 Honda CR-V?
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Honda Civic brake lights stay on?

Brake light on 1994 Honda civic staying on.

Is there an alternator indicator light on Honda Pilot?

There is not an alternator indicator light on a Honda Pilot. If the alternator goes out, the battery will not stay charged.

Why does the gas light on my Honda accord stay on?

because you need gas

What would cause the battery light to constantly stay on on a 1997 Mercury Sable?

Battery Light OnCheck for bad alternator. alt. is goodbattery is goodchecked fues goodwhat about wiring

What would cause the odometer light to stay on after you shut off the car on a 97 dodge stratus?

The odometer light will stay on if the headlights are on a 1997 Dodge Status. Be sure to click the lights off even after shutting the vehicle off.

How do you clean the engine on a 1997 Honda Civic?

If you mean the oustide of the engine then wash it just like you would wash the outside of your car. Otherwise I'd stay away from cleaning the inside.

Why is the D4 light stay on in a 1993 Honda Accord?

Replace your AT Control Unit (Automatic Transmission Computer)

Why would the air bag light on a 1997 Grand Prix continously stay on?

There's a problem with the SRS system. Take the car to the dealer for repair.

What would cause heat not to stay hot on 1999 Honda Civic?

A thermostat

Why would a 2003 Honda Civic driver's side seat belt light stay on even when belt is connected?

Check the connection at the floor behind the seat to see if it is disconnected.

Why would the ABS Light stay on ona 1997 Ford Taurus?

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Why do your Honda CR-V brake lights stay on?

Defective or out of adjustment brake light switch.Defective or out of adjustment brake light switch.

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