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Why would the AC leak in the car at the peddles?


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2004-10-08 11:37:19
2004-10-08 11:37:19

I dought it is the a/c leaking there, It is probably a leak in the cowl or windshield. Get inside with a flash light and have someone spray the out side with a hose and see where it is comming in. if it is leaking antifreeze it is a bad heater core


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can you block the high side on the ac on a car to stop a leak

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This normally indicates a refrigerant leak. STOP USING YOUR AC IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THIS SMELL!! The fumes from the fluid in your AC system are highly toxic. The leak needs to be sorted out before the AC can be used again.

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v have to check the blower motor,ac pipe lines and cluster assembly

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There is obviously a leak somewhere

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