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I dought it is the a/c leaking there, It is probably a leak in the cowl or windshield. Get inside with a flash light and have someone spray the out side with a hose and see where it is comming in. if it is leaking antifreeze it is a bad heater core

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โˆ™ 2004-10-08 11:37:19
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Q: Why would the AC leak in the car at the peddles?
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How can you fix an ac leak in your car?

You cant

Can you block the high side on a car ac if it is leaking?

can you block the high side on the ac on a car to stop a leak

Why would your car shake when you are idling and have the AC on but not when you are driving?

spark plug gap Can also be a vacuum leak.

Why does your car car smell like antiseptic in a hospital when your ac is on?

This normally indicates a refrigerant leak. STOP USING YOUR AC IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THIS SMELL!! The fumes from the fluid in your AC system are highly toxic. The leak needs to be sorted out before the AC can be used again.

Why won't my Car ac will not hold a coolant charge?

There is obviously a leak somewhere

How do you make ac leak in car?

v have to check the blower motor,ac pipe lines and cluster assembly

Why would the AC Just stop working on a 1987 s10 blazer?

you have an AC leak

Why wont my car ac take a charge with refll kit?

Because it probably has a leak if you have just fixed a leak then you need to put a vacuum on your AC system before you can charge it.

Why does the ac leak water inside the car under the glove compartment and the car over heat?

because of condensation

What could cause your car AC to trip frequently?

Low Freon - Your AC system has a leak .The low pressure switch is working.

Why does an AC leak water inside the car and how do you fix this problem?

your drain line for your ac evaporator core is plugged up. A service station can blow this out for you.

What thing would you look for if an AC has tripped internal protection?

leak in system

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