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Why would the AC not work and the roof not open on a convertible '91 Celica?

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sounds like a blown fuse or a bad wire.

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Does a 1993 dodge shadow es convertible roof open?

The 1993 Shadow convertible roof opens manually.

What convertible can someone 6'4 fit into?

its a convertible so you can open the roof and stick your head out.

How do you open the sun roof on the 1990 Toyota Celica?

There is a switch on by the sun roof there is also a light in the same console. If the switch does not work there is a manual control inside this panel you can use a flat head screw driver to open and close it with.

What cars have a sun roof and are a convertible?

you cannot get a sunroof with a convertible, because a convertible is basically one big sunroof.

How is a car without a roof called?

A car without a roof is called a convertible

What is better a convertible or Ford Escape?

Escape with a sun roof. Then you get a convertible & pay no more insurance.

How is a car without roof called?

A convertible, I guess.

How do you spell the name of the car with no roof?

A car that has no roof is merely roofless, but the name for such a car that has a retractable or removable roof is a convertible.

Is convertible a noun?

Yes, the word 'convertible' is an adjective and a noun.The noun 'convertible' is a word for a type of automobile with a folding or detachable roof; a word for a thing that can be changed for one form to another; a word for a thing.The adjective 'convertible' describes a noun as able to be changed in form or function.Examples:Riding in the open convertible made a mess of my hair. (noun)We bought a convertible sofa for my parents visit. (adjective)

How do you open Mazda Miata roof?

there is no roof on them to open

How do you get the top down on a 1984 corvette convertible?

Didn't make a convertible in 1984. It has Targa roof panel that can be removed with a tool.

What the best way to clean and protect a convertible roof?

go to auto store pick up convertible top cleaner

What do you call a car without a roof?

A convertible or a drop head or a roadster.

Can you drive convertible car in rain?

Sure you can, most of them have a folding roof just for that. If you do it w/o the roof, the upholstery will get wet.

What frame would fit under a 1969 Chevelle convertible?

A frame from ANY '68-72 GM A body convertible will fit because they all use the same frame. I'd stick to the convertible frames because they are reinforced to deal with the lack of a permanent roof.

How do you adjust Geo Metro convertible roof?

You sell me the car, then you don't have to adjust it.

What is a car with out a roof called?

convertible Drop head Roadster (if it is a 2 seater)

How do you sale a vehicle with no roof?

Under the convertible category on a used car website

What is the special feature of the Mini Convertible?

The special feature of the mini Cooper convertible is that it has a 3 in 1 convertible roof, also it features a HD radio it also features a fully electronic throttle.

What are some of the most popular features of a BMW convertible?

The most popular feature on a convertible car is that its roof can be removed, letting place for the highway winds and the sun. This is one of the many BMW convertible features.

How do you fit a complete escort convertible roof?

Depends on what Version of escort you want it to fit.

Put a convertible roof up in gta san Andreas?

only if you are in a convertible lowrider,then just go to the modding garage for lowriders in los santos, but you unfortunately cannot put it up, so you are better off getting a permanent roof

How do you fix tears in convertible car roofs?

to fix tears in convertible car roofs you must get some leather matching the colour of your roof and then stich/sow it on.

How can you patch a rip in an Astra convertible electric roof?

how old is car and what colour is the exterior of the roof and have u tryed duck tape i can get it in various colours

Is Subaru planning to make a convertible car?

Subaru is releasing the BRZ this year and based on sales of the BRZ which should be through the roof considering how awesome all subarus are, they may produce a BRZ convertible. Unfortunatley, there are no plans to make a convertible yet, just speculation and rumors. I myself would buy the BRZ convertible in a heart beat. I would also love subaru to make a full size truck. I would buy both of those in a heart beat.

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