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Q: Why would the Keurig coffee maker leak out the bottom?
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Where can I go to get information on the keurig coffee maker?

There are many websites online that sell the Keurig Coffee Maker. All of these include information on the product and prices. A good example would be Amazon.

Where can one find reviews on Keurig coffee makers?

Reviews of Keurig Coffee makers would be reasonable to search on the website of the maker. Also visiting websites of the stores and online retailers such as Amazon will give information of customers' experience of purchase and use of coffee makers.

What is the difference between a pod coffee maker and other kinds of coffee maker?

Pod coffee cups are sort of like Keurig's K-Cups, but instead of a plastic outer coating, it's a mesh like a tea bag would have around it. Besides Keurig, other coffee makers are brewers, which you put ground coffee beans in coffee paper, and the water rushes through it to pick up the taste.

Is the Braun KF600 similar to the Keurig?

The Braun KF600 is a 12 cup coffee maker so it is not similar to the Keurig system which is made to make a single cup of coffee each time. The Braun KF600 does get excellent ratings and would be useful for making larger quantities of coffee.

What are the plus's and con's of keurig coffee machine?

Keurig is known for being a single cup coffee maker, with the convenience of having the coffee of your choice, brewed within seconds without making a mess or leaving a pot full of unused coffee. That in itself is a pro, but if you're one who likes to entertain and share coffee with others, you may prefer a coffee maker that will allow for mutliple cups to be brewed at a time. A con could also be the expense (and having to keep a supply) of the coffee pod refills (known as K-cups). A pro would be the no clean-up required after brewing a Kcup.

Where can I buy Keurig K cups?

You can buy Keurig K Cups at Walmart. I would suggest using the Keurig official website for the best deals and a variety of flavors for your Keurig coffee machine.

where can i find a cheap instant coffee maker?

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Makers are the best brand, and if you search on, you will be able to find one for a great price! If you would like to go even cheaper, try

What coffee maker would you recommend for an office environment?

The Keurig coffeemaker is all the rage these days. It is a great idea for an office because there are so many people. This way, everyone can have exactly what they want.

Would a coffee maker that uses a Carafe on the bottom prevent the coffee from tasting bitter if it sits thier a while?

no that just helps it stay warm.

Where can one find replacement parts for Keurig coffee pots?

Any and all replacement parts that one would like for their Keurig coffee pots, can simply be found on the company's online store. Go to the Keurig website, click on store, gifts and accessories, and then parts, and voila! You have all the replacement Keurig parts available to you for purchase.

Would a one cup coffee maker be very fast?

Yes, just about all one-cup coffee makers are faster than the typical 10-cup brewers. They heat the water up much faster. For an even faster cup of coffee, consider the Keurig machines that will have you drinking a hot cup of coffee in under two minutes.

What grind of coffee would I use in this coffee maker?

You will want to use a coarse grind for the vacuum coffee maker. If you have a fine grind you will end up with coffee grounds in your coffee.

Can I make decaf coffee and regular coffee at the same time with any coffee maker?

If you have a coffee maker that allows for multiple coffee pots, you can! These would typically be used in large offices.

Should I buy my husband a Kuerig coffee maker?

Buy him that Kuerig coffee maker! They make great tasting coffee and they are efficient. We use the kuerig coffee maker at my work and everyone loves it, it would be a good investment.

How does a vacuum coffee maker work?

A vacuum coffee maker uses two chambers where vapor pressure and a vacuum produce coffee. It was invented in Berlin in the 1830's. This coffee maker was popular until the 1950's when it was replaced with the common coffee maker one would know today.

Do Coffee marker filters count as coffee maker accessories?

Yes coffee marker filters would count as coffee maker accessories because they are found with coffee machines at most stores.

What are some pros and cons of Keurig k cups?

Keurig K cups are handy, quick, and reliable for people who are on the go or do not really drink a lot of coffee. The quality of the coffee is high. However, so is the price. Each cup of coffee costs more with the Keurig K cups than it would if you brewed an entire 12 cup pot. In the long run, you sacrifice money for convenience.

Where can one purchase filters for a Keurig B50 coffee maker?

WalMart, Shopko, Macy's, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, for sure. There must be many more stores - I would suspect Target, K-Mart, and larger grocery stores like Safeway.

What is the benefits of a Senseo coffee maker over a traditional coffee maker Will be it substantially more expensive to switch?

The benefit would be that the Senseo coffee maker is fairly easy to clean. It has the pods that are filled with the coffee grounds so you don't have the mess of filters and loose coffee like a traditional coffee maker. The bad thing about the pods are they are more expensive than regular coffee grounds.

How long does a coffee maker take?

The amount of time it takes to brew coffee would depend on the brand of maker as well as the amount of coffee made. Typically, the estimate would be 1 minute of brewing for every 1 cup of coffee made.

Which models of the Kuerig coffee maker would you recommend for a home with only two people?

Any model of the Kuering coffee maker will be good for only two people. Since the coffee maker only makes one cup at a time you do not have to worry about wasting coffee.

What brand of small coffee maker would be good for me to buy since I'll be moving into a studio apartment?

A Mr. Coffee brand coffee maker would be a good choice. Mr. Coffee coffee makers are cheap, reliable, durable, and are available at most grocery and pharmacy stores

How much does a Braun coffee maker cost?

It will depend on what type of Braun coffee maker you are interested in purchasing. A basic coffee maker from Braun will cost around 90$. For one with more features then the basic the sot would be approximately 150 .

Can you purchase additional carafes to use with this coffee maker?

Black and Decker does not sell their items separately. To get another carafe you would have to purchase a new coffee maker.

Where can an Italian coffee maker be bought?

Obviously, they would be easily found in Italy. However, if you do not live in Italy the best option for purchasing an Italian coffee maker would be online stores such as Amazon.