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Because an Nvidia graphics card doesnt use windows XP drivers...if youre trying to locate the drivers put the install disc in and have it search the drive

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Q: Why would the NVIDIA setup program not be able to locate any supported drivers on Windows XP?
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Are there bugs with imvu and Windows Vista using nvidia drivers?


Where can you find nvidia geforce fx 5200 drivers for windows 7?

Where can I download NVIDIA software and drivers?

NVIDIA drivers are free to download from NVIDIA's website.

What is Nvidia drivers?

Drivers are files that help your computer understand how to use a part. Nvidia is a brand of Graphic cards. Updating your Nvidia drivers is important.

Is the nvidia geforce fx 5500 compatible with windows xp service pack 3?

Yeah, sure it is. You just need a compatible motherboard and the needed drivers from the Nvidia website.

What drivers can you download from the internet to clear up the definition on your xp windows once you have the internet up and running?

That would be graphics drivers, with Intel, nVidia, and ATI the primary sources.

How do you update the video card drivers?

You can use windows update, manufacture website or NVIDIA or AMD websites. When you are using windows update it will update your drivers automatically but not to the latest version. If you use manufacture website or chip producer website, you will need to download exe file. Once it is downloaded run it and follow instructions. When you install drivers from NVIDIA it will install update server too so you do not have to worry about searching for newest drivers.

How do you install drivers in Linux?

Most drivers are developed and included in the kernel; if your hardware isn't supported by the kernel, it likely isn't supported by any other drivers. The only real exceptions are for some graphics cards, like those from NVIDIA and ATi, as well as some experimental drivers for wireless cards that aren't included in the kernel for various reasons. Some wireless cards can be made to work by wrapping a Windows driver for use in Linux when no other alternative exists. NVIDIA and ATi drivers are installed by running an installer downloaded from the respective websites. In Ubuntu, they can also be installed by using the Restricted Drivers Manager. ndiswrapper can be downloaded from most distro's repositories, as well as compiling from source.

Is 128mb nvidia geforce mx 400 compatible with windows xp home?

Yes. You will need a supporting Motherboard and Drivers for it to run as intended.

How do you install nVidia drivers on Kubuntu 7.10?


Where can one download a nvidia control panel for Windows 7?

One can download the Nvidia control panel software for Windows 7 operating system through the main Nvidia website where it offers software downloads for it's products.

Where can i find graphic drivers nvidia geforce 8600 gt for osx?

Drivers are integrated into the operating system on MACs/OSX. If any driver updates are available, they will be ported to you via Software Updates. NVIDIA does not provide Apple drivers.

Does nvidia geforce graphics card support nfs hot pursuit 2010?

Yes nvidia cards are support for NFS Hot Purist but some nvidia card are not supported minimum nvidia card are 7600gs..

Where can you download the software called nVidia Drivers?

google it, under nvidia drivers, it will bring you to there driver site where u have to fill in the os, card info etc like that.. it will then direct you to where your drivers for your card is.. so have the info ready ahead of time.

What nvidia supports minecraft?

really any nvidia should work. In your start bar search windows update, go on optional updates and there should be an nvidia one. Hope this helps.

Where could you download Linux drivers for laptop vpu videocards for Intel GMA 4500MHD or nVidia GeForce G105M or ATI Radeon HD3200?

Drivers for Intel cards are already bundled into the X server. Drivers for NVIDIA or ATI cards can be downloaded from the company's respective websites.

How do you install windows xp on a hp pavilion dv6700 when the laptop was shipped with windows vista drivers?

Install windows XP, then go to the website of the manufacturer of your device(s) and look for the windows xp driver. For example, you have nvidia geforce 9xxx, then go to, click the drivers (above) and choose windows xp. DOwnload and install each driver. Or if you have the disc for those driver(s), you can look for the windows xp drivers intead of windows vista.For the tutorial on how to install windows xp, got to or

Can you remove nvidia forceware networking drivers?

Not if you want to use your network card.

What does ode stand for in computer language?

'Optimal Drivers for Enterprise' - per NVIDIA

Where can you download drivers for an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT for Mac OS X?

The drivers are built into Mac OS X so updating to the latest version will give you the latest drivers. Nvidia did have some manufacturing problems and Apple will make repairs free of charge if this is an issue for you. (See links below)

How do you find nvidia drivers for gx fx5200?

first off i never heard of a gx before, secondly goto Google and type in nvidia drivers.. there will be a llink to there driver site, u can look up your drivers threw there, it asks for your OS and card info so have everything ready ahead of time.

Where can you download drivers for toshiba satellite L 40 laptop?

You can get them from the Toshiba website, but screen drivers you will have to download from either Nvidia or ATI Radeon.

Can you install an update of Nvidia video-card on your Intel graphics card?

An update for a program to fix issues with NVIDIA cards will not have any effect with Intel graphics. You cannot use NVIDIA-specific programs on your Intel card.

Can you have nvidia geforce on your Windows Vista home premium?

Yes, there is a lot of different Nvidia GeForce graphic cards, but most and all recent will run with Vista just fine.

You have ATI accelerated graphics driver and you are not sure which nvidia driver you need for ubuntu can anyone help?

If you have an ATI video card, you do not need an NVIDIA driver. Ubuntu includes a "Restricted Drivers Manager" that will automatically download and install any proprietary drivers it detects your card needs.

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