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Why would the OD light blink 3 times at take off on a 1996 Thunderbird V8 4.6?

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You have a proble with the OD. Take it to a professional.

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How do you check engine codes on a 1993 jeep?

With a scan tool, or try turning key on, off, on, off, on and counting the blinks of the check engine light. blink, blink, blink, pause, blink would be 31.

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Why would your driver side parking light blink but not stay lit when driving?

it might need a new bulb - they often blink when they are about to die.

How do i find out what the check engine light is on for on a BMW?

first you nee to check and see if your car is referred to as OBDI or OBDII if its ODBI then you start with the car off.. turn the key to run but do not start the engine.. at this point you have less that 5 seconds to push the gas pedall all the way to the floor and press the overdrive button five times... then the check engine light will stay on.. and then blink... next its going to blink out the code for you for ex. blink-pause-blink blink-pause blink blink blink-pause blink n that would mean the problem code is 1231 just Google BMW problem codes and use that dcode to find out what the issue is..

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What would cause the overdrive light to blink on a 1997 cougar?

it has a malfuction so its setting a code

Why would the engine light blink?

A blinking Check Engine light indicates a serious problem with the emissions system. Have this repaired immediately.

Why would check engine light blink on my Oldsmobile cutlass?

Probably because you need to check the engine.

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What would cause the air bag light to blink off and on continuously?

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Possibly, but not likely. Have a compression test run.

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Why would the front blinkers light but not blink on a 1992 Nissan Maxima?

u need to replace the flasher unit in the vehicle

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What would make a 1995 Dodge Intrepid stall when you are driving and hit the brake to slow down?

the camshaft sensor may be bad. It is connected to the driver side of the engine block, and you can check to see if that is the problem by turning the ignition on/off three times. On the third time, leave it in the on position, and the "service engine" light will begin to blink. It will blink twice, pause, then blink three times to indicate a "23", which is a code that can be called in to the dealer, or easily accessible in a Haynes automobile book.

What would cause the air bag light on a 1994 Nissan to blink and the car not crank?

Ckean bith ends of the battery cables.

Why would cruise control light ABS light and air bag light blink on and off randomly on a 2002 Toyota Solara but only when it rains?

Should be under warranty- go to the dealer and get it checked.

Why would the battery light on a 1997 mystique blink when it has anew battery and the altarnator is gving off 12 volts steadly?

This light is warning you that there may be a problem with your battery. Have it checked.

What would cause the airbag light to stay on in a 2001 Kia Sephia?

Normally a sensor has detected a fault in the engine operating system. The light comes on when the ecu. or computer has went into a limp in mode. If you turn the ign. sw. on and of three times normaly, the light will blink a code. If you have a code readers manual it will tell you what is failling.

Rapid blinking tail light on your 2000 blazer s-10 how do you change it?

The tail light bulb is probably okay, it's the front signal light that is burned out, this would cause the rear light to blink rapid.