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not 100% sure but on my 92 I was told that the light came on due to a low fluid level in my master brake cylinder

AnswerI have a 1994 Pathfinder with the same problem. I was also told that the brake fluid level might be low or it may be the ABS sensor is shot (supposedly and expensive job). Sadly for me, the fluid was not low. Apparently the ABS is only on the rear brakes, so my Nissan Service "guy" advised that I either get used to the ABS light or pull the bulb since the ABS rarely comes on on the rear brakes. AnswerI have the same problem with my 1995 Pathfinder XE automatic 4X4, I was informed that the Vehicle Speed Sensor which is in the rear, sometimes wares down to cause the ABS/Brake lights to intermitantly come on. I googled for price; $40 to $70 for the sensor.,NISSAN,1995 select Pathfinder LE,SE,or XE / 3.0L (motor size) / Electrical / Vehicle Speed Sensor. I plan on asking the dealership & other auto shops before buying the sensor but it appers to be an easy fix. From the photo one bolt holds the sensor and a harness gets plug in. Good luck
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Q: Why would the abs brake warning lights come on intermitantly on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 V6?
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The color for any tail light on a vehicle is red.

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there is a switch on the console between the seats by the emergency brake.....

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Because that car is UGLY

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A bulb that is bad or full of water may cause fog lights not to work on a 1991 Nissan pathfinder. The light may not work because of a bad switch or blown fuse.

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There is a fault with your Anti lock braking system, if you hit the brakes hard the wheels will skid rather than automatically cut in and out. Its worth getting to the garage ASAP as its a very important crash prevention mechanism.

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Try bypassing the reverse light switch that plugs into the transmission. If your reverse lights come on, voila! Problem solved. Buy a new switch.

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Yes! I did this to a 1994 Nissan 4x4. But you will also have to buy the headlights and marker lights. The metal behind the grill is all the same between the pathfinder and pickup truck from back then. The only other thing you will have to do is change the plugs on the end of the wiring harness for the lights but it is really simple.

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yes there is it is a box right by your breather. it is 4 inches by 7 inches long and black. the fuse is the fuse on the top right hand corner of the box. fyi, my pathfinder tail and instrument lights went out and it wasnt the fuse. I'll have to look up exactly what it was for you

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blower motor has a short. replace blower motor

Is there a fuse for 1995 Nissan Pathfinder fog lights?

It should be on a wire coming off the battery. Not like a factory fuse. There should also be a relay mounted on your firewall passenger side.

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Hi, I think I might have an answer to the FOG LIGHTS part of the question. I had the same problem on my 1995 Pathfinder and the solution was within the very fog light. Check the contacts on the fog lights. They might be shortened/grounded. So in order to fix it, use some electrical tape and, hopefully, it should resolve the problem.

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