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There's a problem with the SRS system. Take the car to the dealer for repair.

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โˆ™ 2004-12-11 10:43:39
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Q: Why would the air bag light on a 1997 Grand Prix continously stay on?
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How do you reset oil change light on Chrysler grand voyager 1997?

how do you reset change oil light on chrysler grand voyager minivan 1997

How do you reset the low tire pres light on 1997 grand prix?

The low pressure light on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix is reset by bring the pressure in all tires back to normal. This will update the system and turn the light off.

Warning lights 1997 grand am?

There are several warning lights on a 1997 Grand Am. Some of the warning lights are the ABS system, oil lights, and the check engine light.

Will a 1997 Grand Am headlight assembly fit a 1999 Grand Am?

No they won't, but I wish they would!

What would cause the check engine light to come on in my 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan?

It might be that your pcv valve is plugged or the egr valve is sticking.

Would a 3.8 from a 1997 Pontiac grand prix fit in a 1995 Pontiac grand prix?

No it wouldn't the only thing that would fit would be before 997 from 1997-2001 u can interchange

Would a motor out of a 1997 Grand Am fit in a 2000 Grand Am?

If its a V6, the 2000 grand am would have to be a GT. If it's a 4 cyl, then yes it could fit.

Why would check engine light be on for a 1997 grand marquis?

make sure the gas cap is on all the way screw it on all the way and drive the car for awhile and maybe the light will go off

What would cause for no brake lights but tail lights work on 1997 Plymouth grand voyager?

Bad bulbs they are double filament or Bad stop light fuse or bad stop light switch

1997 Mercury Grand Marquis engion light oN WHY?

You won't know until you get the code read.

On a 1997 Pontiac Grand AM SE why would the red indicator light for low coolant level come on if the fluid level is good and the engine does not overheat?

bad sensor

Where is the starter located on a 1997 Grand Am?

where is the starter locate on 1997 grand am

How 1997 Grand Marquis?

where the starter located on a 1997 grand marquis

What would cause the brake light to stay on in a 1997 grand Cherokee larado?

Defective or mal-adjusted stop light switch? Usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

Where is the fog light relay on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

The relay is under the hood there is one for each headlamp and one for each fog light

What is the towing capacity of a 1997 dodge grand caravan Se?

light duty 1500 lbs or so

Where are the brake light relays located on 1997 pontiac grand am?

On the top of the back window position in the middle .

Would a headlight for a 1997 Pontiac fit a 1994 Pontiac grand prix?


How do you change the front signal light bulb on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

On some, you can get to the back of the light assy and take the bulbs out. If not, the assy has to come off

Why would my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am will start and then die?

Note what you theflt light is doing, then ask this question again. Also, consider tapping lightly on the accelerator pedal as you sart the car.

What would be the cause of a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager to die after shifting it into gear?

A transmission that is sticking would cause a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager to die after shifting it into gear. A problem with the ignition system could also cause this.

Check engine light comes on in a 1997 grand am gt what do you check?

Take it to Auto Zone they do a free check on this problem and they tell you what is causing your light to come on.

What year Grand Prix have interchangeable parts with a 1997 Grand Prix GT?


What are the ratings and certificates for The Grand - 1997?

The Grand - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

Why does coolant light stay on on 1997 Pontiac grand am and has a slow anti-freeze leak under engine area?

Just had the same problem on my Grand Am. It was the water pump.