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Q: Why would the air conditioner light come on as the engine idles and rev as if the air conditioner is working but blow only room temperature air?
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Why does the engine temperature rise when the car idles?

Your radiator cooling fan is malfunctioning

Why your 93 lumina engine races really high when you start it coldIt idles down when temperature reaches normal?

cold engines hve high idles because the pcm is dumping fuel into the motor in order to increase engine operating temperature. when speified temperature is reached, the amount of fuel is decreased an the rpm drops down to the lower idle speed

Engine idles but no acceleration?

Acceleration Cable broken broken, you dump!

How can you tune your carburated engine so that it idles higher?

Adjust the idle screw.

Lhs 1999 idles high check engine is on?

zyou tps might be bad

2006 Toyota Tacoma idles too fast even after reaching normal operating temperature with no accessories on your engine idles at 1000 rpm so how do you adjust the idle?

that is a computer problem you will need the proper reader for it and that is about 4000 so just take it in it is only about 40-60 dollars and they will tune it right

My engine idles too high?

On my Chevy truck it idles high when its low on antifreeze but if its not that more than likely its usually a vacuum line loose or cracked. good luck.

Why the engine's idle goes high and low?

why does my 4.75 BRIGGS & STRATTON lawnmower engine idles high and low when cutting my grass

318 engine idles and stalls?

Need a little more info. What Model and year of the vehicle?

Why does my 2001 Lincoln continental service engine light is on and idles erractly?

Needs a Tune up

4.2 liter ford idles but dies when you try tp move?

If the engine idles and revs up okay in neutral, it is likely the torque converter clutch lock up solenoid.

Why does my 1990 Chevrolet Silverado run for 30 minutes and the check engine light comes on when its warm It idles rough and dies on highway with a random check engine light?

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem and recover codes Could be a bad coolant temperature sensor

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