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Clean both ends of both battery cables and make SURE there is a good ground cable between the engine and body. If this fails, take it to auto zone and have them check the alternator output.

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Q: Why would the alternator stop working and the battery indicator turn on in a 2001 Mazda Protege when the brakes are used?
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What causes the battery light to be on with a new good battery in 1997 Mazda protege?

the common cause why the light is on is that your alternator is not working well,try to have your alternator checked .may be the carbon brush is already worn out.

Will battery idiot light come on if battery is low but alternator is ok?

No. If the alternator is working fine, the battery power is not used.

Why does the battery indicator light stay on after starting engine?

Charging system is not working properly. Have the alternator tested at any auto parts store for free.

Why wont my 2000 Mazda protege start when I drive for a while?

needs a coil or distributor it could also be that the alternator isn't working and the car may be draining the battery every time you drive it

Tach and voltage indicator stopped working alternator good but not charging battery any suggestions?

It depends on what kind of car you are working on, but it sounds like it can be an external voltage regulator, or even a fuse Some vehicles do not charge with out a rpm signal. The cause of the tach not working may also fix the alternator.

How do you know if the alternator is not working in your vehicle?

the battery will not charge.eventually when battery is flat the car will not run either as both battery and alternator ,togeher complete the electrical circuit

Can a bad alternator drain a good battery?

It doesn't actually drain the battery, but without a working alternator to recharge the battery it will only discharge as the car is operated.

Why is your alternator belt continuing to break and snap on your 97 Mazda Protege?

I am having the same problem with a 99 Protege. I have changed the alternator and aligned/cleaned the pulleys and the problem persists.I replaced the alternator, on my 1997 Mazda Protege, seven times before someone figured out why the serpentine belt kept breaking. It was the belt tensioner! It had to be removed and rebuilt. Now it is working like a charm!! And I havn't had to replace the alternator in over 3 months!!!!

How long does it take to recharge battery with alternator?

Depends on how low the battery is but give it 10-15 minutes and it will be fully charged, assuming the alternator is working properly.

1996 Nissan 200sx battery and brakes on why?

alternator is not working so your battery isn't getting a charge

What could be wrong with my car if both the battery and the alternator are good but the charging system isn't working?

If the battery and alternator are good and the charging system is not working, then you either have loose or corroded wiring or the drive belt is slipping.

Why is the battery on your car losing juice?

Most likely your alternator is not working properly.

If an alternator overcharges the battery a likely explanation is that the?

The voltage regulator is not working properly.

What is a way to check alternator car should stay running if battery is disconnected?

If the alternator is not working the battery gets discharged. In most cars a light will show on the dashboard - battery light icon, and this will suggest fault in the battery or alternator. You will need to start the car and check if it is charging the battery, and most garages will do this check for you

Battery light stays on after alternator has been repaired on a 1990 Honda civic LX?

Is the alternator actually working. It is possible to buy a new alternator that is defective.

If Alternator dash light burned out will it prevent the alternator from charging?

no, the light has nothing to do with the alternator working properly, the light is only to warn you that it isn't charging the battery properly.

Car losing power while driving?

something is wrong with the alternator, either it isn't working or it is not hooked up to the positive terminal on the battery. check your wires first before you assume you have a bad alternator, if it is hook up right and the wiers look fine then check to make sure the belt is not slipping on the alternator pully, if not then your going to need a new alternator and battery charge. because if your alternator is not working your car is getting all its power from the battery

Why would the battery die when both the battery and the alternator is new?

Alternator not working properly or not connected properly. Wherever you bought the alternator take it back and have them check to make sure it works properly. Also make sure the new battery was fully charged when you received it. HTH.

Battery won't charge?

Either the battery is bad and won't accept a charge or the alternator is not putting a charge into the battery. Have the battery tested. You can hook up an inexpensive volt meter to the battery while the car is running. You should see from 13.5 to 14.5 volts if the alternator is working properly. If it is less than 13.5 volts then the alternator is not charging.

I recently installed a new stereo system into my car now my car sounds like my battery is weak is it my battery that I have to change or my alternator?

Check the battery with a vom meter while the engine is running. It should read about 14.5 volts and if so the alternator is working, than have the battery checked Now if the meter does not read 14.5 volts, have the battery, and the alternator checked. If they both check out okay, the problem is in the battery or the alternator circuit on the vehicle.

Will an alternator damage the battery if the charge it put out is 14.10?

No, that is normal. An alternator is good working order will output between 13.5 to 15.5 volts.

Can a bad battery cause a ford escort to stall out as if it were out of fuel?

Only if your alternator is not working properly. If you are always charging your battery, check your alternator belt. That was the solution for my escort, a new $10.00 belt.

The new battery on your 1988 Cadillac Seville keeps losing it volts and stalling the carWhy?

It could be two things. As you know, the alternator charges the battery so it will not drain. If the alternator is not working properly to charge the battery, the battery will continuously drain. Have the alternator tested at your local Auto Parts store (NAPA or Advance Auto) If it is good, have the battery checked.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on?

Usually it means that the alternator isn't charging the battery. Batteries store electricity and the alternator uses energy from the engine to produce electrical energy for all of the devices in the vehicle and to recharge the battery. If the alternator isn't working the battery will eventually loose it's charge and you will not be able to start the vehicle.

Can a motorbike light be run with no battery?

only if the engine is running and the alternator is in perfect working condition!