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Why would the antilock brake light come on for a second when making a sharp left turn since the brake pads and rotors were replaced on a 94 Town Car?


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2015-07-17 17:33:53

IF it didn't B 4 then either the sensor is Loose - the wire going 2 it has a bare spot or even dirt or Metal from the pads or Rotor can cause it-the sensor has a magniate in it & will pick up metal-Sometimes the reluctor ring on the rotor is bad also maybe from the rotor being resurfaced incorrectly or broke in the process.


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Perhaps it has to do with the antilock brakes?By the way...Any electric problems?IT IS NOT antilock brakes, on mine it was that I needed brakes.I replaced the pads and had the rotors cut. No problem since then.Now the steering wheel shakes between 65 and 75mph but I don't think that's the brakes.DaveAnswerWhen your braking at higher speeds there is much more heat generated within the brake system. It can get so hot that brake rotors will temporarily warp until cooled, giving you the vibration while braking. I strongly recommend replacing the rotors, not machining them. IF you make them thinner, the are even less likely to be able to dissapate heat and you will be back in the same boat all over again. Put new pads on at the same time for 2 reasons. One the old ones will not mate up accuratly to the new rotors and give less surface area for stopping causing a longer braking distance. Second, the beating the pads that from the pulsation that you are putting them through will comprimise their integrity. In Dave's case the higher speed vibration is likely attributed to a wheel balance problem.

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