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Why would the battery discharge when the car is off on a 1984 Mercury Marquise?

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I have the same problem now. I found, so far, that the glove compartment was not closing properly and the light was staying on draining the battery. The battery may also be in borderline condition.%DETAILS

AnswerI had the same problem a few years ago with an '83 Buick. The problem was in the computer, and I had to have it replaced. You've definitely got a short somewhere. Sometimes you can take a volt meter that will measure a drop in voltage, you can hook it to the battery, and then start pulling fuses one by one. When you pull the fuse on the grounded circuit you'll see a voltage increase at the battery. When you plug it back in you'll get a voltage drop. At least that way you can isolate the circuit. If it's in the computer though you may not see a drop at all in any of the circuits. Answerhello

The battery is discharging because one or more of the accessories is staying on even after you have remove the key.

One of the easiest ways to find the problem is to disconnect the negative battery cable and connect a 12 volt test light between the negative battery pole and the negative battery cable. Check to see if the light is ON. If yes. pull out each fuse one by one and check to see if the test light goes out. when it does go out you have almost found your problem. it could be in the wiring or it could be the accessory.

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AnswerCheck for a short in the alternator. AnswerThe light in the trunk or under the hood has a level sensitive switch. If this switch is not working it will leave the light on. AnswerThe rear window defroster stayed on constantly on my Merc.I tested it by pulling fuses one at a time with the engine off and looking for a small spark.

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No, a car battery does not have mercury in it. It would be very dangerous to have mercury in a car battery.

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Either something is on and is drawing current from the battery or the battery itself has a dead cell which will drain the battery. If the battery is over 3 yeas old, replace it.

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If the defect is causing a parasitic drain, yes.

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dead cell in the battery or something is on pulling power from the battery.

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