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First of all, the battery light never means that you have a bad battery. You COULD have a bad battery, but that is another issue apart from the battery light. The battery light means that the regulator in the alternator doesn't see a charge going to the battery. That doesn't mean you have a bad alternator either, but you could have a bad alternator. The light is turned on by the regulator which is built into the alternator. Just because you have had the alternator checked does not mean that it is good. For one thing, I have seen a lot of alternators that were working, but there was a problem with the regulator falsely turning on the light. Guess what? The fix is replace the alternator, since the regulator is part of the alternator. Also, it is possible that you have an intermittant problem in the alternator. That is consistant with the battery light going on and off. If the alternator is charging at times, and not charging at other times, it may just be that the alternator is bad but it was working at the time they checked it. Another possibilty is that you may have an intermittant problem in the wiring to the alternator. The alternator requires a field voltage supply to it in order to work. If the field goes away, the alternator stops charging. You could have a break in a wire going to the alternator that is making contact at times, and not at other times. Most likely that would be right at the alternator connector itself, that is where I usually find problems. There are two connectors, one has three wires, the other has one wire. Try tugging a little on each individual wire as it enters the connector hardshell, and see if you find a wire broken inside of the insulation.

I've seen cases where the belt was slipping on the alternator and the battery light would go on, then off. It was caused by a worn belt or the belt tensioner itself was bad. Check those things first before replacing an expensive alternator.

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Q: Why would the battery light come on and go off you replaced the battery and had the alt checked and its OK 1998 Grand Marquis?
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Can a 1994 Grand Marquis Alternator charge a Yellow-top battery?

yes it will i have a optima battery in my 1995 marquis

Why does your 92 Grand Marquis turn over hard even with a new battery?

If it sounds like it can't turn over and you've replaced the battery, the next thing is the Starter. Starters develope flat spots on them and that can drain a battery in a heartbeat, even a new one. I'd get your starter checked. H-T-H

What will keep a 84 Grand Marquis from starting?

Battery, fuel, spark.

Why does my 1997 grand marquis ac freeze up?

Have the high pressure valve checked.

Can the injectors on a 96 mercury marquis be checked without takingthem out of engine?

can the fuel injectors on a 1994 grand marquis be checked without removing them from the engine, if so what type of instrument do i use

What size battery for a ford grand marquis1987?

The battery size for a 1987 Grand Marquis is a 4.6L. It is important to always check to make sure you have the correct size battery when you are replacing you battery..

Why will the battery not charge in your 1986 grand marquis with a new alternator?

Battery may have a dead cell and need replacing.

What would cause my 96 mercury grand marquis to crank but not to start i have replaced the battery the fuel pump relay checked the inertia switch and am lost as to what to do next can you help?

Make sure the air filter is clean. Fuel can't burn without air. Also try replacing the spark plugs.

How do you open the trunk on a 1998 grand marquis without the battery or the key?

Call a locksmith.

You have a 1999 grand marquis the battery icon flashes on periodically the dealer checked the alternator battery they were ok any ideas?

Check the fuel filter if the cars battery and alternator is good it might be the lack of fuel that is bogging the car down. My advice to you would be to check or replace the fuel filter.

Is the battery in a 1993 mercury grand marquis a top post or a side post?

Top Post

Why else could the heater not work on a grand marquis if i have checked the radiator and heater core?

You have to be more specific. What is not working?

How do you know if ball joints need replacing on your 2001 Grand Marquis?

Have the car checked at a wheel alignment shop.

Location of drl module for 2000 grand marquis?

The daytime running lights module on a 2000 Grand Marquis is located in the passenger side engine bay. It lays between the battery and the heater blower.

What causes oil in spark plugs 1999 grand marquis?

Bad Rings. Get your Rings replaced asap.

How 1997 Grand Marquis?

where the starter located on a 1997 grand marquis

Will a 1995 grand marquis transmission fit a 1992 grand marquis?


How can you check the timing on a 1999 grand marquis?

The timing must be checked using a timing light. Most mechanics have one.

99 grand marquis creaking noise turning steering wheel?

Its your bushings, they need to be replaced. About $200 at a shop.

Will a 97 grand marquis engine fit in a 98 grand marquis?


When was Mercury Grand Marquis created?

Mercury Grand Marquis was created in 1983.

How much to replace the catalytic converter on a mercury grand marquis?

Just had my 2004 grand marquis convertor replaced (making an aweful noise). it cost me $250 for the part and then labor etc. total of bill for installing etc was $472.61.

My 95 Grand Marquis check engine light which came on turns off and stays off a few days when the battery is disconnected briefly?

The computer is detecting a malfuction. The next time the light comes on, do not unhook the battery, take the car and have it checked for codes. You want to repair the cause, not ignore it.

Why do the fading interior lights on your 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis keep coming back on causing the battery to run down?

You have a bad sensor in one of the doors, all 4 will have to be checked. Check at you local dealer for the part. In the meantime, just pull all the bulbs out so as not to drain the battery.

Why does the engine squeel when a.c is turned on on a grand marquis?

Most likely the ac belt is loose and needs to be tightened or replaced.