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Sounds like the brushes are worn down in the alternator.

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Q: Why would the battery light flicker when accelerating to 3000 rpm?
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Why would your battery light flicker on and off?

Possible alternator problem

Why does the battery light come on intermittently the alternator has been changed battery checks good the lights flicker when battery light is on and light goes out after car is restarted?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alt belt.

Why would the battery light of a 1998 Ford Escort still flicker on and off after replacing the battery?

Clean both battery cables and check the connections on the alternator. If it continues, go to auto zone and have the alternator checked.

Would a loose battery cable cause the odometer to flicker?


What would make all the lights on your dash flicker?

Might be a weak battery

Why would the battery light flicker on a 95 Sable when the tach is up to 3k and engine not fully warmed up?

Clean the battery cables and make sure the wires to the alternator are tight and without corrosion.

Why does the battery light flicker and the car feels like it will die but it doesn't?

If the battery light flickers, it's losing voltage. It would be worse when the lights and other accessories are running. It just may not be enough to kill it yet. I would suspect parts in this order. Alternator(if there is a voltage guage, should be around 13-14 volts) discharged battery

Why would the battery light flicker when accelerating to 3k rpm engine not fully warmed up on a 95 Mercury Sable 3.8?

The warning light doesn't tell you how healthy the battery is, it tells you if there are any problems with the charging system. A flickering light means charging is intermittant for some reason, so it would be worth checking the alternator or voltage regulator, which might be on the way out. It's worth also checking that the warning light circuit and bulb are ok - if it lights up brightly and continuously when you switch the ignition on, then goes off when you start the engine, it's ok. Hope that helps.

Why does the battery light come on suddenly then go off?

Why would battery light come on then go off

Would battery light come on if battery has bad cell?

It could

Why would the brake light and battery light flash on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

could be a bad alternator or battery

If a light bulb was replaced with a battery what would be the flow of energy?

exploding battery?

How long would it take to reach the speed of light accelerating at one gravity?

in a vacuum it would take about one year.

Can a potato light a light bulb better than a battery?

i would say no because the battery has a lot of energy to pass to the light bulb and not a pataoe

Why does my 1997 Toyota Tacoma battery dash light come on at idle and go out when accelerating?

Most likely, the alternator is going out. It puts out more at higher RPM's, so it would charge more going down the road than it would at idle. Good Luck!!!

When the battery was replaced in an 01 cavalier the dash lights would turn off when the car is in moving and flicker when someone brakes what could cause that?

you may have already checked, but to me it sounds like you have a loose connection at the battery

Why do Headlights flicker and dash lights and battery light flicker and loose power steering whilst driving a vauxhall astra?

you have a loose connection somewhere on your vehicle check battery cables and alternator connections i have the same problem i found out what it is by the brake and gas pedals.. where the code reader goes under neith that is a black box i thinks is a power coverter i dont know yet but i unpluged it and the dome light when out but no more flicker i will up date when i found out more about this box I would think that you have a problem with the serpentine belt (also called drive belt) if it is loose it will cause the alternator not to rotate making your lights flicker and since the power steering is connected to the same belt it will also cause a low fluid pressure making your steering wheel hard to steer.

Why would a Buick flicker the lights and click when trying to start it?

Not enough power to starter, jump it and then ensure alternator is good. Also check battery condition.

Why would battery light stay on after new battery 2006 explorer?

Your battery is not charging due to a problem with the battery cables or a bad alternator.

Why would the battery light on a Clio 1.2l always flash even though when it was serviced there was nothing wrong with it?

on my old 1.2 clio the battery light came on as there was fault with the alternator and it needed replacing. As far as i know the battery light comes on when the battery is not charging or there is a fault with the battery.

Why would the battery light on a 1997 mystique blink when it has anew battery and the altarnator is gving off 12 volts steadly?

This light is warning you that there may be a problem with your battery. Have it checked.

What would make the battery light turn on if it is not the alternator?

Defective battery, loose or corroded wiring.

Why does your battery warning light flash on when accelerating in a 1992 turbo dodge stealth?

This could really mean several things. The battery is not working properly. The alternator is not working right. A loose connection in the battery or alternator connections that only seems to show up accelerating. Possibly where it is. The drive belt is slipping and if this slips the alternator will not be charging the battery fast enough to replace the charge while accelerating. I would start with checking all the cables for loose connections and corrosion. Then I would check the belt and make sure that it is tight and in good shape. Then I check or have the charging system checked. If you know how to use a digital voltmeter you can check the charging system your self. The amp should not go below 13. If it does then the alternator is bad. On the other hand above 15.5 amps and the alternator is frying the battery. Hope this helps. Good luck.

What would cause the battery to drain in your 96 Cadillac deville?

Can be the battery has a dead cell which will require the battery be replaced. Can also be anything on the vehicle that is on pulling from the battery. Any light that is on or any relay that is stuck will drain the battery. Check under hood light, trunk light, glovebox light, interior lights, etc.

Why would the battery light and ABS light come on in my '99 cavalier?

The ABS light is most likely on because of low voltage, same reason for the battery light to be on. Get your alternator tested.