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Could be that the coolant level is a bit low and the flashing light is telling you this. The level will drop when the fluid is running thru the motor. When you turn the car off the level rises back to nominal level. Dan

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How do you change the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit in your 2000 VW New Beetle?

Hope this helps. On 1999 model beetle, with key on push and hold in hour and minute buttons at same time this will change your temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

How many time beetle beat it wing in second minute hour?

Depends on which beetle and whether hungry or not.

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Older thermometers took about a minute for the body temperature to warm the mercury in the glass bulb so that it reached body temperature and a reading could be taken. Modern thermometers are much faster and do not need to be kept for a minute.

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That has never happen to me. You probably caught a virus.

Turns over won't start 2000 grand am?

If your security light is flashing, then you have had what is referred to as a "bad timing cycle" with your Passlok security system. Turn the key to the ON position, and wait until the security light stops flashing - This takes exactly 10 minutes.If the security light WAS flashing, then the 10-minute trick is only a temporary fix - You will need to have your ignition switch replaced.

How do you change a VW Beetle clock time from 24 hr to 12 hr?

When your car is off, press both the hour and minute buttons at the same time. Hold them until the clock switches from 24 hour to 12 hour. By doing this with the engine off, you keep the temperature reading in Fahrenheit.

How do you take the clock in a 2000 VW Beetle off of military time?

I just asked this question, but someone helped me out, so here's the answer (I think): Turn your engine OFF, and then press the "hour" and "minute" buttons at the same time. [FYI, if you do this with the engine ON, the temperature reading switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius.]

What do you do if you iphone still thinks it's in the computer?

Reboot (by turning the phone completely off) and after a minute, turn it back on.

How do you change the date and time on your 2006 Honda accord?

try holding the hour/minute buttons until it starts flashing. then click them again w/ radio dials

Your projection big screen TV keeps flashing black The picture comes up but starts flashing black The audio is unaffected What is wrong?

This happened to me as well. It started after a breaker blew. The way I fixed it was to disconnect the tv from a power source for about a minute, then plugged it back in. Hope that helps!

How do you change the time on dashboard clock for Nissan almera?

if it is a 2001 model - there are normally 2 black buttons- one at either side the display. Press and hold the button on the left hand-side until the hour on the clock starts flashing, then keep pressing the left hand button to your desired hour. Press the right hand button until the minutes starts flashing and press the LHS button to your desired minute. To finish either press the RHS button once again or leave until the minute flashing stops

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Celsius is a measure of temperature, while watts is a measure of power. You cannot convert between them.watts can produce heat that measure temperature, you can compute the increase of termperature per minute, the higher the wattage, the greater increase of temperature per minute will be.

How many revolutions per minute are the wheels of a bicycle turning if the diameter is 26 inches and you are traveling at a speed of 35 miles per hour?

Bicycle wheels with a diameter of 26 inches, travelling 35 miles per hour, are turning 452 revolutions per minute. 35 miles per hour is 36,960 inches per minute (25 *5280 * 12 / 60) 26 inches diameter is 81.7 inches circumference, so the revolutions per minute is 36,960 / 81.7 or 452 revolutions per minute.

When turning on hot water why will it will be extremely hot one time and a minute later be just hot?

You get more used to the heat.

What is the RPM for a 2001 ford windstar?

On your tachometer RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute ( it indicates how fast the engine is turning )

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Because digital clocks don't have second hands, the flashing colons imitate it instead. Count how many there are in 1 minute, you should get 60.

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Basically the circuit to the lamp opens and closes in a specific amount of times per minute. In some models this can be varied with a control circuit that allows the operator to set how many times the lamp is to flash per minute.

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Frequency is measured by hertz, or Hz. 1 Hz is a frequency of one cycle per second, and as such a frequency of 60 flashes per second would yield 60 Hz.

A thermometer is taken from a room where the temperature is 20C to the outdoors where the temperature is 5C After one minute the thermometer reads 12C When will the thermometer read 6C?


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About 2997.279 MPH. (IF your taking a 20' RADIUS.) If you are talking of a 20' diameter. then would be feet/minute = rpm * diameter * pi 131946.891468 feet/minute