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The brake light switch is bad. It's under the dash, and is switched by the movement of the brake pedal.


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Brake light switch stuck, defective, or out of adjustment.Brake light switch stuck, defective, or out of adjustment.

I have a 1996 Grand Marquis. If one of the brake lights goes out the signal on that side flashes faster. I would check the brake/tail lamps.

The computer has detected a problem and there is a code available for you to read. That is the purpose of the light.

LOL! I would ask the question why the heck would you need an alarm on a 1984 Lincoln grand marquis?? :O

first check your brake fluid it may be low then check the switch at the emergency brake lever it may be stuck

there is a awitch on the chassis rail that needs to be bled, or replaced either go to a mechanic or get a workshop manuel this switch is called hydraulic control unit (HCU)

I couldn't find one in the fuse layout page of the manual that came with my 1987 Grand Marquis. I would assume not.

how to changing engine coolant on a 1993 mercury grand marquis gs.

Could be the brake fluid reservoir is low which would be telling you the brakes need attention. Could be parking brake not fully released

i have a 1999 grand prix mine did the same is a warning for low brake fluid. i know cause my car goes through brake fluid like water

what is the part called where the water pump is connected to on a 1996 mercury grand marquis -------------------------- That would be the engine

my 1997 grand marquis failed inspection due to the computer would not allow their machines to read the cars computer

Physically, yes. It would be best to consult an interchange reference to know if the wiring and programming are compatible.

Defective or mal-adjusted stop light switch? Usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

The Grand Marquis is body-on-frame (same platform as the Lincoln Town Car, the classic American limo) and the 300 is unibody. Why would the 300 be sought after and not the Grand Marquis? They compete in the same price range.

Only if you are able to do the repairs yourself. But, personally, I would not buy it.

I would say ( No ) I was looking at the 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis Owner Guide and it doesn't show any reference to a cabin air filter

make sure the gas cap is on all the way screw it on all the way and drive the car for awhile and maybe the light will go off

Check fuses, If brake lights do not work, transmission will not shift out of park. Brake light circuit is common to shift interlock. That's why you must step on brake to release interlock prior to shifting out of "Park" If stop lights are not working interlock will not release.

The brake light in the dash would be on because the emergency brake is on. If you mean the brake lights in the back, this would be because you are pressing the brake peddle or something is broken.

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