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Why would the brakes be completely locked up in a 1986 Chevy Silverado if the calipers rotors brake shoes and lines have all been replaced?


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2006-09-22 23:20:13
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Sound like the porportioning valve is locked up. look where the brake lines go from the master cylinder to a box that has multiple lines there is a button you can push in to release this (this is not a real botton) more of a plastic dome that there is a pin under Check your Master cylinder and your brake portiting (spelled wrong) valve. My bet is that the valve is either plugged up or shot. Bad master cylinder. This happen to me it was the brake line hoses going to the front brake cylinders. trust me!! Kinda hard to think both flex lines stopping up at same time. Not impossiablle but not probable. Might very well be the case though. A delima that I am trying to still solve They will fail!Those lines deteriate inside and look fine outside. The deteriation acts like a check valve! Pressure will push the fluid through but it can only back very slowly if at all.You can prove this by opening up the bleeder valve! I had a 1985 Silverado that got so hot the brake caught on fire. I was fortunate to have stopped at a filling station and it didn't take long to get the fire out with no damage to the truck. I just couldn't believe it , either but it is true. Since then I have seen other failures just like that.


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Yes. If your question is regarding the operation of the calipers. They do operate in the same manner as the front calipers.

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NO. The size of the tires and wheels have NOTHING to do with the brakes.

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It's rare....because usually the master cylinder will allow pressure to bleed off. Not the other way around. But if you have replaced the calipers, this is the next thing I would check. I suppose it could be sticking.

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If by scrub you mean drag or cease, then it is possible that the calipers need to be replaced.

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