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Sound like the porportioning valve is locked up. look where the brake lines go from the master cylinder to a box that has multiple lines there is a button you can push in to release this (this is not a real botton) more of a plastic dome that there is a pin under Check your Master cylinder and your brake portiting (spelled wrong) valve. My bet is that the valve is either plugged up or shot. Bad master cylinder. This happen to me it was the brake line hoses going to the front brake cylinders. trust me!! Kinda hard to think both flex lines stopping up at same time. Not impossiablle but not probable. Might very well be the case though. A delima that I am trying to still solve They will fail!Those lines deteriate inside and look fine outside. The deteriation acts like a check valve! Pressure will push the fluid through but it can only back very slowly if at all.You can prove this by opening up the bleeder valve! I had a 1985 Silverado that got so hot the brake caught on fire. I was fortunate to have stopped at a filling station and it didn't take long to get the fire out with no damage to the truck. I just couldn't believe it , either but it is true. Since then I have seen other failures just like that.

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Q: Why would the brakes be completely locked up in a 1986 Chevy Silverado if the calipers rotors brake shoes and lines have all been replaced?
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Do the calipers compress the same on rear disc brakes as they do on the front of a 2000 silverado?

Yes. If your question is regarding the operation of the calipers. They do operate in the same manner as the front calipers.

Do you need to upgrade breaks and calipers when putting 24 inch rims on a 08 silverado?

NO. The size of the tires and wheels have NOTHING to do with the brakes.

Front brakes are dragging replaced pads rotors calipers and lines but brakes still drag what could it be?

It's rare....because usually the master cylinder will allow pressure to bleed off. Not the other way around. But if you have replaced the calipers, this is the next thing I would check. I suppose it could be sticking.

Do you have to lube brakes and calipers?


Brakes sticking on and smell of burning already replaced the abs pump and put on new brakes and its gone and done it again?

I had one do this and I had to change the brake calipers. Problem was gone.

What causes rear brakes to scrub on a 1997 crown vic?

If by scrub you mean drag or cease, then it is possible that the calipers need to be replaced.

2001 Kia spectra Mushy brakes after new calipers drums and master cylinder replaced whats the issue?

Air in system? Remove and bench bleed master cylinder Bleed lines and calipers

What causes a Saturn Vue to make clunking noises when you brake?

This happened to our 2003 Vue. I had just had the brakes replaced and they had not done this properly, something to do with the 'calipers', so the car sounded like a bucket of bolts everytime I put on the brakes. Have them look at the rear brakes especially if you've just had them replaced.

Replace rear brakes on 2001 Monte Carlo?

The rear brakes on a 2001 Monte Carlo are replaced by removing the rear wheels, unbolting the calipers, and taking out the old brake pads. The new pads can then be installed and the brakes reassembled.

Am I getting ripped off I am being charged 370 for getting my brakes fixed?

Depending on what's getting replaced: Pads, rotors, calipers, etc.

How to adjust Rear brakes on 1986 Chevy Silverado?

how do you adjust rear brakes on a 1986 chevy silverado?

After replacing caliper on brakes why is brake fluid leaking when in reverse?

Brass washers replaced when caliper replaced?Fitting tightened completely?

Your 1993 mercury cougar brakes grab seems like the rear I have replaced the pads on all 4 replaced calipers on 3 driver rear anand replaced brake fluid?

one possibility is internally collapsed hose.

How do you unfreeze car brakes?

Check the calipers on the car to see which one is frozen. Most likely you have a stuck wheel caliper that is causing the frozen problem and will have to be replaced.

Why do the rear disc brakes stay locked up after you let off the pedal on a 1999 Chevy blazer s-10?

usually either the calipers have dirt in them and need to be replaced or the rubber lines leading to them have collapsed inside and need to be replaced.. really kills the gas mileage uh!! chevy has had problems with rear discs on these vehicles,70%of braking is on the front,30% on the rear. therefore the pistons get little use and stick. there are stainless sliders the calipers move on,you need to clean and lubricate them,this should stop the brakes from dragging. I have a 1999 Blazer and my rear brakes were grinding so I replaced the pads and rotors but had the same sticking problem. They dont offer a rebuild kit for my calipers so I had to replace the calipers also.

I replaced the brake pads and one of the rotors on my 1996 Oldsmobile achieva and now the brakes won't work at all. I'be tried bleeding the brakes and no air is coming out but there's still a problem.?

change that calipers

How do you get your back brakes to bleed on my 96 Chevy 2500 silverado?

First id have to get my back brakes on your Chevy 2500 silverado.

What parts need to be replaced for a good and thorough brake repair?

To thoroughly replace and repair brakes, one must replace the brake light wiring, brake pads, and brake calipers. Furthermore, one should reline the brakes.

How do you adjust rear brakes on 1997 silverado?

The 1997 Chevrolet Silverado rear brakes should automatically adjust themselves. Every time you back the vehicle up and hit the brakes the brakes adjust.

Should you pump the brakes if they give out?

Pumping brakes can help restore pressure to the brake calipers temporarily. But this method wont work if the vehicle is equipped with ABS, or anti-lock brakes. Usually, down shifting will help slow the vehicle down, but not stop completely.

Do you have to open bleed screw on astro brakes when compressing calipers?


Why wont the front disc brakes release completely on a 1992 dodge Dakota?

Unless the calipers are frozen- you will have a slight drag as the brake pads maintain contact with the caliper

Why does the brakes stick on 1986 suzuki samurai when it has brand new brakes?

The calipers or wheel cylinders are bad.

What causes the brakes to keep locking up on my 1997 geo tracker even after I have had new brakescalipers and rotors put on?

It is possible the rubber lines at the calipers are collapsing causing a suction which will not allow the brakes to release. might want to check that. Had same issue replaced lines and calipers wheel bearing and found it to be an abs issue the pressure is not releasing

How do you fix siezed brakes?

If the brakes are disc brakes then try opening the bleed screws on the calipers and see if the pressure releases if not then remove the calipers and replace because the piston is probably frozen or you can try pushing in the piston with a c-clamp,if that doesnt work replace the calipers as noted. If the brakes are drum brakes then check your brake cylinders to see if they are leaking if so you can usually rebuild them if not then replace them and bleed your brake system to get brakes back to normal, you can also make sure your drum brakes are adjusted correctly.