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Short answer, no they shouldn't. If you are certain there are NO leaks, and I assume you mean you replaced the pads on the brakes 100 miles ago, then you need to further examine the brake system. Strictly speaking from a fluid mechanics/physics problem a closed system that contains fluid and is under pressure will not spontaneously lose pressure without another outside force, ie leaking or expanding brake tubing or compressible fluid. The second option is HIGHLY unlikely, and the third does not happen. Go through and start from the master cylinder and check for any leaks again sometimes the smallest one can cause a loss of pressure. if it still leaks, then I would say you need to bleed you system, do some minor adjustments and bleed your brakes and this should take care of the problem. hope this helps

There is another way the pedal will go to the floor. (I have had this problem, and there was no leak.) If your master cylinder is messed up, it can let the pedal go to the floor. When you press on the pedal, the master cylinder increases the fluid pressure in the break lines. However, if it is not working properly, it can cause the pedal to go to the floor, by not producing the pressure.

You can also have a problem with the vacuum booster. I am, however, unsure how to test them.

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Q: Why would the brakes on a 1989 olds cutlass ciera go straight to the floor no leaks found brakes replaced 100 miles ago?
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