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Hey Ike==Ever since the EPA took away asbestos, this has been a problem. There are greases, shims etc that are designed to help but sometimes they don't. Make sure the person who replaced your pads used what the manufacturer suggested. GoodluckJoe

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Q: Why would the brakes still squeak after installing new brakes and rotors on an 82 Volvo 240?
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What should it cost to replace rear brakes in 1996 Volvo 850 GLT?

What should it cost to replace rear brakes, drums and rotors, '96 Volvo 850 GLT.

Why Volvo S70 shake at driver side while braking?

You need to check your brakes and rotors. Typically when the rotors go out it will make any car/ truck do that.

Best Brake pads and rotors for 2000 Volvo s80?

Volvo pads and rotors are the best ones to use. Most aftermarket pads and rotors seem to make braking noise

How do you replace Volvo 850 rear brakes?

To replace the rear brakes on a Volvo 850 you must first remove the old brakes. Then connect all of the wirings to the new brakes including the brake fluid line and the connection for the brake pads.

Does the 2001 S40 Volvo have anti lock brakes?


Changing brake pads and rotors on a 2000 Volvo v70 xc awd?

how do you remove the rear brake rotor on a 2000 Volvo v70 awd

The steering wheel on my Volvo estate wobbles when i brake?

possible warped brake rotors. have a reputable mechanic check them.

What type of brakes are on a 86 Volvo 240 DL?

All around Disc, 13" I believe

Why do my brakes vibrate so bad when I stop on my 1997 Volvo 850?

Vibrating brakes are almost always a symptom of worn rotors. When the rotor wears down, or has grooves, the brake pad can no longer make a flush connection with the rotor. This will cause the caliper (which holds the brake pad) to move in and out as it tries to establish a flush connection with the rotor. The rapid movement of the caliper is what causes your brake pedal to vibrate.

What is the Towing capacity of the Volvo 960?

The owners manual of a US market 1996 960 states towing capacity as 1100 lbs. without brakes and 3300 lbs. with trailer brakes.

What is the towing capacity of a 1996 Volvo 960?

The owners manual of a US market 1996 960 states towing capacity as 1100 lbs. without brakes and 3300 lbs. with trailer brakes.

1993 Volvo 850 rear brakes vibrate?

Volvos usually have a quite hefty brake bias favoring the front. While this is good in terms of stability and predictable performance under braking it does leave the rear brakes prone to rusting, particularly the rotors. My first suggestion would be to have the brake rotors checked for rust or surface evenness, and either have them replaced or resurfaced. While you're at it, make sure there's enough material left on the brake pads and that the caliper is moving freely. A once over with a wire brush and a little bit of lube won't hurt it either.

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