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there is a priming procedure to prime the chain tensioner with oil before you start your engine. you need to set the tensioner all the way in, lock it in place with a 1/8 drill bit. bolt it to the engine block. when all the components are installed and ready to be tentioned, remove the drill bit and the tensioner will expand to place tention on the chain. as it is extending, it is pulling oil through a small passage behind it, lubricating the tentioner. This would be the only reason I can see the unit failing twice.

2007-09-16 08:39:25
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How do you adjust cam chain on Yamaha yfm225?

You don't. The YFM225 uses an automatic chain tensioner that helps to take up the slack on the cam chain. If you are getting chain slap, then either the chain is stretched or the tensioner is not functioning correctly. In both cases, the parts should be replaced. You cannot repair a non-functioning auto tensioner, nor can you remove links from a stretched cam chain.

Does my 2003 Chevy cavalier 2.2 liter engine have a belt or a timing chain?

Chain -No maintenance required unless noise detected - Guide/tensioner has plastic parts that can break/wear out with age, lack of lubrication or overheating. Generally, very durable engine if maintained properly.

What does timing chain cost for a 1990 Nissan pickup 4 cy?

Timing Chain, Tensioner and related parts may prevent the vehicle from starting. The Engine Valves or Timing Chain Cover may be damaged depending upon the severity of the Timing Chain failure.The cost to repair the Timing Chain, Tensioner and related parts is estimated at $127.11 for parts and $624.00 for labor.The cost to repair the Engine Valves is estimated at $235.01 for parts and $487.50 for labor.The cost to repair the Timing Cover is estimated at $83.31 for parts. Labor is included with other repairs.The cost to repair the Fuel Injectors is estimated at $131.49 each for parts (total of 6) and $182.00 for labor.All prices are estimates based on $65 per flat rate hour and do not include diagnostic time or any applicable sales tax.

What is the average cost of replacing a timing chain tensioner and water pump Mechanic wants 2400 They said pump replacement is recommended?

Timing Chain Tensioner for a 92 Nissan maxima is roughly 100$-140$ and water pump around 100$ NAPA Auto parts prices Timing Chain Tensioner for a 92 Nissan maxima is roughly 100$-140$ and water pump around 100$ NAPA Auto parts prices

What happens if the timing chain breaks?

The engine will stop and other internal parts

Can a loose timing belt be fixed?

A loose timing chain can only be repaired by replacing the timing chain . A loose timing belt means the belt is worn out or the tensioner is worn out. Replace worn parts.

Does a 2003 Saturn L300 ac compressor fit in a Saturn L200?

If they share a common engine then it may. The 8th digit in VIN is the engine code. You can also tell by visually ensuring parts are identical.

Where can one find genuine Saturn parts online?

Saturn parts can be found in an online catalog within the Saturn Parts Accessories Catalog web site. GM Parts House also sell genuine Saturn parts. Each site has all the parts you need.

Dodge stratus 2.7l have a timing chain?

Timing Chain. Internal. $600 labor to open the engine plus parts kit at around $350.

Who sells parts for a Mcculloch chain saw model MS40A?

If you will type, "Mcculloch MS40A Parts" in a search engine you will find many online sources for parts for this saw.

How do you reset engine light on Chevrolet Colorado 2005?

A chain auto parts store should be able to do it for you.

Are Saturn cars replacement parts expensive?

Most Saturn replacement parts are moderately priced.

Are parts from a 98 Saturn compatible with a 94 Saturn?

most parts are, yes some arnt if your going to or from a DOHC and SOHC in fact most Saturn parts are the same it makes finding repair parts a breeze!

How to replace timing chain on 2.4L olds alero?

To replace the timing chain on a 2.4L olds Alero you need to remove many parts. The parts that need to be removed are the drain coolant, the alternator, the air conditioning compressor, the water pump, and the harmonic balance. Once these parts are removed, you will need an engine hoist to lift the engine.

Saturn Car Parts?

form_title= Saturn Car Parts form_header= Make sure your Saturn lasts a long time with new parts. How often do you change your oil?*= _ [50] What parts do you need?*= _ [50] Have you ever had to have parts replaced?*= () Yes () No

What is an interference motor?

It is an engine that the internal parts will collide with each other if there is a failure in the timing belt/chain/etc.

Where can you find an engine wiring diagram for a 97 Saturn sc2?

Try Haynes Repair Manual for the Saturn S-Series 1991 thru 2002 available at most auto parts stores.

How do you replace a water pump on 01 maxima?

Disconnect negative battery cableDrain cooling systemRemove the drivebelt idler pulley bracket and the right side engine mount and brackets.Also remove the main timing chain tensioner cover and the water pump cover from the front timing chain cover.Press the timing chain tensioner piston inward and insert an appropriate size pin into the tensioner hole to lock the tensioner in place.Rotate the crankshaft 20 degrees counterclockwise to loosen the chain around the water pump sprocket.Remove the bolts and detach the water pump from the engine.Check the impelleron the backside for evidence of corrosion or missing fans.Clean the bolt threads and the threaded holes in the engine to remove corrosion and sealant.Compare the new pump with the old pump to make sure they're identical.Remove all traces of old gasket sealantfrom the engine.Clean the engine and new water pump mating surfaces with lacquer thinner or acetone.Carefully attach the pump to the engine and thread the bolts into the holes finger tight.Use a small amount of RTV sealant on the bolt threads =, and make sure that the dowel pins, if used, are in their original locations.Torque the bolts to 61-86lbs in 1/4-turn increments.Dont over tighten the bolts or the pump may be disorted.Rotate the crankshaft 20 degrees clockwise to tighten the timing chain around the water pump sprocket.Remove the stopper pin from the timing chain tensioner and install thetensioner cover and water pump access cover after cleaning them andapplying RTV sealantto them.11. Reinstall all parts removed for access tot he pump.12. Refill and bleed the cooling system and check the drivebelt tension.Run theengine and chack for leaks.

Where are the main offices of Saturn Car Parts?

The Saturn Car company is now defunct. There is no main office for Saturn Car parts. If one is looking to purchase a part for a Saturn car, they should begin by looking at the local auto parts store.

Where can someone purchase Saturn Automotive parts?

General Motors is still supplying parts for Saturn automobiles, so a GM dealership would be the best place to look for Saturn Parts. Auto Parts Warehouse or eBay are also possibilities.

How do you tighten a belt on a 1995 Chevy pickup?

The system should have an automatic belt tensioner. If the belt is loose the tensioner must be shot. The tensioner is available from your local auto parts store.

How do you change a timing tensioner on a 1997 200SX?

The timing chain tensioner for the 1.6L engine? If so it has two. One is located behind the inspection panel located above the fan belt main pulley just under the valve cover. Two nuts and a six 10mm bolts hold it in place. It is sealed with silicone engine sealant. Support the engine from underneath and remove the top motor mount for easier access. Two bolts hold it in place. Auto parts stores sell it for around $50. The second tensioner in found in the lower block area behind the timing chain cover/ water pump. That tensioner is made up of two components. The spring tensioner which can be removed from the engine easily. Remove the two bolts on the side if the engine directly behind the water pump output and it pulls right out. The other component is the nylon tensioner track or guide that actually pushes against the timing chain. That is the part that wears out and requires the cover to be removed. To remove the cover you have to remove all the 10 mm bolts including the two in the top from the head and two in the bottom from the oil pan. There is also two 12mm bolts near center the cover near the water pump. Removal of this cover my damage the head gasket part that seals the head above to the cover. I have always pulled the head off the engine and replaced the head gasket when opening the timing chain cover. I don't know if it is possible not to without causing oil leaks by not replacing the head gasket. Here is a link to a photo showing the upper cover removed.

Where can you find Saturn parts?

"There are several retailers where one can purchase Saturn parts. These include Auto Parts Warehouse, SaturnParts, Car Parts Wholesale, and M&S Recycling."

How do you reset the check engine light on a Saturn ion?

stop by local parts store they should have a little ob sensor that would reset it

Does 3.8 liter engine have a plastic timing chain?

If it is the Ford 3.8 liter V6 , or the GM 3.8 liter V6 engine it has a timing CHAIN A little more information please ( make , model , year ) The Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 3.8L also has a chain, but all parts are metal.