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If you can charge a cellphone in the lighter socket, then the lighter is no good. If a cellphone won't charge, then the lighter cylinder is no good. Both are available at any autoparts store.

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This doesn’t even make sense lmaoΒ 
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Q: Why would the cigarette lighter not work in a 2001 Dodge Stratus if the fuse is OK?
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What would cause the horn on your 2000 dodge stratus to constantly sound in park and while moving and how would you fix it?

it might be the cigarette lighter or power outlet if you have anything in there it might do it if not im not sure i have a 2000 Mitsubishi montero sport and i had the same problem

Would a lighter go faster than a truck?

A lighter, as in a cigarette lighter?

Would a dodge stratus stratus start without crank pulley?

It's a dodge so yes it would tra-tu s tart

Can a cigarette lighter be used in space?

A typical butane cigarette lighter would produce a flame in a low-gravity space ship. It would not produce a flame in the vacuum of space.

Why would a 1998 dodge stratus idle rough?


Where would you look to find a diagram of the Timing belt set points for a 96 dodge stratus?

belt giagram for a 98 dodge stratus 2.4

What would cause the CD player dome light and cigarette lighter to go out at once on a 85 celebrity?

The radio and the cigarette lighter are on the same fuse, I would check the fuse first.

What is the spark plug gap for 2002 dodge stratus?

that would be 0.042

What size motor for a 2004 v6 dodge stratus?

That would be a 2.7L

Which fuse is for the 2001 jetta cigarette lighter?

I would like to find out what type of fuse is needed for the 2010 vw jetta cigarette lighter and how to identify which fuse it is and where located

Can you plug 120 volts into an 85 watt cigarette lighter in a car?

An automobile cigarette lighter uses 12 Volts DC. A typical 120 Volt circuit would destroy the 12 volt lighter.

How much would key cost for 2006 dodge stratus?

The Dodge dealer wants $40.00 for the key and programming it.

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