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Why would the cigarette lighter not work in a 2001 Dodge Stratus if the fuse is OK?


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If you can charge a cellphone in the lighter socket, then the lighter is no good. If a cellphone won't charge, then the lighter cylinder is no good. Both are available at any autoparts store.


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it might be the cigarette lighter or power outlet if you have anything in there it might do it if not im not sure i have a 2000 Mitsubishi montero sport and i had the same problem

A lighter, as in a cigarette lighter?

It's a dodge so yes it would tra-tu s tart

A typical butane cigarette lighter would produce a flame in a low-gravity space ship. It would not produce a flame in the vacuum of space.

The radio and the cigarette lighter are on the same fuse, I would check the fuse first.

I would like to find out what type of fuse is needed for the 2010 vw jetta cigarette lighter and how to identify which fuse it is and where located

An automobile cigarette lighter uses 12 Volts DC. A typical 120 Volt circuit would destroy the 12 volt lighter.

The Dodge dealer wants $40.00 for the key and programming it.

The average gas mileage of an Automatic 2004 Dodge Stratus is 19 City, 21 Combined, 26 Highway. The average gas mileage of a Manual 2004 Dodge Stratus is 21 City, 24 Combined, 29 Highway.

Cigarette lighter not work?I read in my car owner manual, and it tells me that the reason why a cigarette lighter will stop working is because the heating mechanism is burned out. I'm not sure exactly what it is or what is a definite answer for why it would burn out. But one reason was given. It said if you take the lighter out before it pops up, that it would cause the heating mechanism to burn out faster.

I have a 2003 Dodge Stratus 2.4 AC Compress won't turn on put more R134 and replaced relay switch. What else would there be to check

A Stratus is a Dodge not a Chevy. Neither Dodge or Chevy use inertia/safety switches.

A person would find the fuse for the cigarette lighted in the fuse box. It would be labeled under Accessory.

look for word cig or cigar or lighter on the fuse diagram sometimes it is together with the radio

Just listen to what they are asking. If they ask you for a light, light it for them. If they ask you for a lighter or a match hand them your lighter.

Most cigarette lighter assemblys are in two parts, first you would insert into dash, and from the back side screw on the back from under the dash. are we talking about the actual lighter that has the heat element, or are we talking about the socket adapter. I have posted for socket, if this is just the lighter itself, these usually screw together also, most of the time it is just easier to replace the lighter at your local auto parts store, or go to your local salvage yard.

I think that you would just have to buy another lighter. I think that you would just have to buy another lighter.

Unless Peugot has gone through the trouble of placing an inverter to convert the batteries DC to AC (highly unlikely), the cigarette lighter would be DC.

If lighting your own cigarette: 1) hold filter of cigarette in mouth 2) hold lighter in hand A (left or right, arbitrarily) 3) if there is a breeze, you may need to hold up hand B as a partial wind break while lighting the cigarette 4) light end of cigarette with lighter while gently inhaling, pulling air into the cigarette to enhance combustion of the tobacco and that the cigarette can stay lit 5) remove lighter from cigarette, as well as hand B, and continue smoking Or put another way: You would put the cigarette in your mouth, light your lighter or strike a match, hold the flame to the end of the cigarette, and inhale until it is lit. Then you put out the flame you used to light it.

If you just mean the actual lighter part itself( the part that pops out when hot),almost any vehicle lighter would work.

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