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Are you talking about pipes under a slab here? If so you probably have a hot water line under the slab leaking that is heating the water in the cold line.

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Q: Why would the cold water in your kitchen sink come out VERY hot first and the floor around the kitchen sink is also very hot?
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What is the problem if water is on the kitchen floor around refrigerator?

If your refrigerator has a built-in icemaker and/or water dispenser... that's probably it. Try turning off the feeder valve at the water source and see if the problem goes away.

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I had a hot water heater leak about two months ago now kitchen floor has gone bad what will insurance company pay for?

I had a hot water heater leak about two months ago now kitchen floor has gone bad what will insurance company pay for?

How do you clean a sticky kitchen floor?

If the floor has just become sticky, wipe up the main area of stickiness with mild soap and water. Rinse. Then, mop the entire floor. You might rinse out the mop with each go around in the sink, rather than in a bucket. Then, fill the bucket with water and 1 cup of white vinegar and do a final mopping. Your floor should be clean. If you have not mopped in quite sometime and the grunge is pretty gnarly, go rent a commercial floor cleaner and use that for your kitchen. Otherwise, use a scrub brush for the second cleaning with water that has ammonia in it--use rubber gloves. Finally, do a mopping with vinegar water.

How do you change a kitchen faucet?

First by isolating the water supply

What is kitchen water?

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You should use sterile salt water - boil the water and salt first then let it cool. Regular water might contain germs that could cause an infection.

How much water is needed to run a kitchen faucet for a minute?

An average kitchen faucet uses approximately three to five gallons of water per minute. The average person uses around 50-gallons of water every day.Ê

Why do you only get hot water in the bathroom if you run hot water in the kitchen first?

Something is wrong with your plumbing. Call the plumber.

Are digital kitchen scales safe to use around water?

Most digital scales are safe around water and you'll find some that claim to be water resistant. Take that with a grain of salt and use with care around water, a good dousing can ruin one.

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How can you get hot water faster at your kitchen sink?

Move the water heater heater closer to the kitchen sink or you can purchase a water heater unit that you can put under the kitchen sink that will allow you to get hot water faster.

Why does water spilled on a floor evaporate more rapidly than the same?

Water molecules can only escape at the surface. If a glass of water is left on the kitchen counter, it may take many days for it to completely evaporate. If the same amount of water is spilled on the floor, however, it may dry in an hour or so, because the surface area is much larger.Type your answer here...

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The parquet floor in your kitchen is swelling or bulging Why?

Most likely from moisture. If you are mopping the floor, steam cleaning it, or using any kind of water (even a little) it can swell the joints. It also could be from moisture in a cement slab if its on one.

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