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Why would the cooling fans for the radiator not come on a 1994 Honda Accord if the fuses look good. Even if the the ac is off?

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check the relay / check the temp sensor / try turning the fan on by turning on the AC - fan should come on when the AC compresor turns on /

2005-01-17 07:28:06
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Where is the relay switch for cooling fan at on a 1995 Honda Accord?

I have a 1992 Honda Accord and have recently had to replace my fan relay. It was located under the hood at the top/left. Hope that helps. I own a 95 Honda Accord LX, the relay switch for my cooling fan is under the hood in with my fuses on the left upper side. ;-)

My cooling fans won't run on my 91 Honda accord and i already checked the fuses and relays?

that my be caused by a faulty fan switch

What fuse is for the starter on a 1991 Honda Accord?

Starters don't have fuses.

Why are your dashboard lights and tail lights out in your 1996 Honda Accord?

check your fuses

2001 Honda accord cigarette lighter don't work?

check your fuses.

Where are the fuses on a 99 Honda Accord?

There are three different fuse locations, what fuse specifically?

Is there a fuse for the temperature gage on the dash of a 1995 Honda Accord lx?

list all fuses and manual resets for the electrical system on a Honda accord lx 2.2 l engine

No power to radiator cooling fan?

Check the fuses, check the relays and check the temp switch.

Where is a 1997 Honda accord speaker fuse?

The speaker fuse, in your 1997 Honda Accord, is located in the fuse box. The fuse box is in the engine compartment. A diagram of the fuses can be seen on the inside of the fuse box cover.

Where can you find a fuse panel layout or door panel sheet for the main fuse panel of a 1986 Honda Accord LX?

I have a 1986 Honda Accord Hatchback LXI and the laoyout is printed right on the door opening to the fuses.

How do you replace a alternator on a 1998 Honda Accord?

i replaced alt batt and some fuses my 91 accord lx will not stay charge over 10.60 volts what is the problem

Where is the fuse for the dashboard lights on a 1988 Honda Accord?

Check the driver's side under the dash. There should be a box there with the fuses in it.

Where are fuses to cigarette lighter on 1987 Honda Accord?

i have 98 Honda accord, has three fuse boxes. look on passenger side of dash.( lower) Also, one on the drivers side. (Lower) . These should be pull open panels

You installed a after market sterio in your 95 Honda accord and now your turn signal does not work?

First thing I would do is check the Fuses.

Fuse for AC for 92 Honda accord dx?

pop the hood, and look on the passenger side upper corner. There is a black box for fuses, and it will be in there.

What is the location of the main fuses on a 1985 Honda Shadow Motorcycle?

There are six Fuses for 1985 Honda Shadow : The main fuse (fusible link) is located above the voltage regulator/rectifier The cooling fan has an in line fuse and the remaining four fuses are located in the fuse panel between the speedometer and the tachometer.

Where are the fuses on a 1991 Honda Accord?

The fuses are located in two places under the hood on the passenger side near the firewall and on the drivers side behind a panel on the left side have to get on your knees to really see it.

Why would interior lights and rear lights go out on a 1995 Honda accord?

The interior lights and rear lights might go out on a 1995 Honda Accord because the light fuse has blown. Check the fuses under the hood or under the steering wheel to confirm.

What would cause the tail and brake lights not to work on a 1991 Honda Accord even after replacing the bulbs?

Next step would be to check the fuses

What is wrong with a 1996 Honda Accord if the parking lights and dash lights are out but the fuses and bulbs are OK?

either the switch is not working or a wire to the switch is broken

What does it mean when the AC in a 1998 Honda Accord EX just blows out hot air but the freon is full?

Compressor not running? Check fuses, check switch

How do you check under hood fuses on 2004 Honda Accord?

Remove the fuse and look to see if it is blown. If you cannot tell by looking check it with an ohm meter.

Cadillac over heated and one of the fuses keeps burning out What is wrong?

Your radiator cooling fan may be defective. Have it checked buy a professional. This could lead to a harness fire if you keep putting fuses in/ Blown fuses indicate too heavy of load on wires. Get it fixed.

What do you do if your Dashboard lights on 1992 Honda accord go out?

check your fuses ... assuming that only the lights failed. Second posibility: the switch or the wires going to the light switch.

What could be the problem in 1990 Honda Accord if lights in interior dome and dash and park lights will not come on and all fuses are good?

bad combination light switch