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Why would the cooling fans not come on in a 2000 Buick LeSabre?

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2005-08-18 00:44:26
2005-08-18 00:44:26

I verified that the 2 coolant fans come on at low speed once coolant temp reaches 223/225 degrees I thought this was too high a temp so I checked with local Buick dealer. They claim 220-230 is still considered normal operating range. If you want to get cooling fans to come on earlier and at hi-speed just turn on A/C or defroster. With A/C on temp never seems to get above 205. If the engine isn't coming up to teperature, they will not engage. If they are not getting power due to a relay or wiring. If the computer is getting false information about the engine temperature (temp sensor?), they will not come on.

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