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this is getting deep but on the caravans there is a body computer on floor in middle under dash. a lot of power feeds come out of here. i had no dashlights and found one line on circuit board had burnedout i soldered it back and now the lights work. the average haynes and chiltons do not go this deep and leave us in limbo with a line on there electrical chart going off to nowhere

I had similar problems with my bcm needed updating.I tryed disconnecting the battery for about 1 hr and when i connected my battery back up....everything started working again. don't know how long it will work,but saves me a hundred bucks at the dealership to unpdate the bcm. .

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2015-07-17 17:44:16
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Q: Why would the dash lights and electric door locks stop working at the same time when all the fuses are good in a 2001 Dodge Caravan?
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