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The security system is activated all the time unless the proper key is in the ignition its part of the gm vatsII system, the only time you will see the light on is if there is a problem with the resistor pellet in the key being out of range or if there is a problem with the computer that runs the system also known as the vats II brain. there is three parts to the system if you look up gm security system or vats II on the internet it will explain everything in detail and give diagrams.

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Q: Why would the dash security light on a 1995 Buick Riviera not blink when activated?
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How do you repair both blinkers on a 1990 Buick Riviera?

If both sides (right and left) don't blink on and off, the blinker "can" may be the culprit.

Where is the security sensor located at in 1997 Buick Riviera The security light usually blinked on and off when getting in the car now it will blink and then stay on and the car will not start until?

Usually in the ign lock cylinder if you have the VATs type key with the resistor in the key. The wires attached to the key lock cylinder often break. If you have the "pass key" type without the little resistor chip then it is different. But it also usually involves removing the key lock cylinder.

Why does the right blinker turn on but won't blink in your 90 Buick Lesabre?

Blown bulb.

What causes gauges and headlights to blink on a 2000 buick century?

Loose battery or alterator connections

Why does your blinker blink fast on your 2002 Buick Rendezvous?

It means the bulb is out or something else is wrong.

How do you turn off security light 1987nissan 300zx?

The security light will blink when either door, hatch, or hood is opened and will continue blinking until it is closed. Check all 4 switches for proper operation. If the bad switch is disconnected it should turn off the light. If the security light is on constantly instead of blinking that is to let you know that the alarm system is activated and should turn off after a few minutes.

What number is 1993 Lexus es300 audio system security code?

94.9 then you will see the security light on wait about 30 sec's it will start to blink then its on.

Why does 1993 Buick Regal directional signal come on but does not blink?

Flasher is bad. to replace it it is under the dash at the back of the steering column.

Why does Security light blink on dash of 1995 Buick Riviera and make car not start or even roll over and this happens occasionally and without pattern please help if you can?

Well, there are a couple of possibilities. One may be a short in the steering column to the ignition (loose wire, etc.). Do you frequently adjust the tilt steering? If so, does this tend to happen more often when the wheel is up, or down? The movement of the wiring in the column could be shorting one of them out. I know you said that there is no pattern, but there probably is one that you might not have realized yet.

Does the security light stay on when car is off?

Yes, the blinking securtity light will blink when the car is off.

Why does 2006 corolla red security light blink?

You want the red light to blink, as the basic Toyota security alarm is contact based, meaning it will sound the horn when a door is forced open. The blinking red light shows that the system is armed and will activate when the doors are secure and locked.

How do you disable a security system in Buick regal?

You can buy a certain device that bypasses it,all together.(200 bux or so)Or try this first ...!.Turn the key to ON position let SECURITY blink until it stops on it"s own(about5-10 minutes.2.Turn key off,remove key from ignition,replace key in ignition/3.Try to start itI have had a few cars with "security/theft system" problems...It is so frustrating!To put it mildly.

The left and right turn signal on a 1996 Buick Lesabre comes on but does not blink when activated The dash turn light comes on as does the outside turn lights which stay on How can it be repaired?

You need a new turn signal flasher. They are about $10. Yours is located in the front seating area on the driver side under the dash behind the instrument panel, mounted on the passenger side of steering column.

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Does the security alarm light blink all the time on 2009 Honda Accord when the engine is turned off?

Yes if it is working correctly.

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The left turn signal on a 1996 Buick Lesabre does not blink when activated The inside arrow stays on and the outside light stays on but no blinking Whats wrong and how can it be repaired?

That usually indicates that one or more of the bulbs have burned out. Turn on the left signal, get out of the vehicle and see which bulb is NOT turning on. Replace that bulb and the signal should work again. Also the flasher may not be working for one side.

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