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You need a new fuse

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Q: Why would the dashboard lights and tail lights not work on a 1995 Toyota Tercel?
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How do you get to the dash lights on a 1995 Toyota Tercel?

There is a knob you twist beside your steering wheel close to your drivers side door twist it then the dash lights will brighten up this is what you have to do in my 1996 tercel so i would think it would be almost the same in a 95 tercel good luck lol

Where might one be able to purchase a Toyota Tercel?

Toyota stopped manufacturing the Toyota Tercel in the year 2000. For this reason the best places to look for a Toyota Tercel would be either at used car dealerships or online at sites such as eBay or Auto Trader.

What would cause my dashboard lights and tail lights to go out?

a fuse

Why would the lights on the dashboard of a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird stop working?

The fuse probably blew that controls the dashboard lights.

Why would tail lights and dash lights not work on a 1991 Toyota Tercel when the fuse and wire connections are good?

The most common cause of taillights and â?? lights not working is a bad ground wire. The ground wire may be broken or the connection is corroded.

Why would the dashboard lights and tail lights not work on a 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva?

did you check the fuse?

Would the tires from a 1989 Toyota Tercel fit a 1999 Toyota Tercel?

Yes if the wheels are the same size. But make sure you are installing the correct size tires. Look on driver's door post for correct size.

What kind of freon do you use in a 1985 Toyota tercel?

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

What is RPM Redline for 1997 Toyota Tercel?

When I give mine a good beating, 6200 RPM would be it.

What would cause the lights to stay on in a 1996 Toyota RAV4?

witch lights

Why would the dashboard lights go out on a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM?

Check your fuse.

What would make 94 Toyota tercel die when idle?

compression you should check that first or faulty injectors maybe look me up on youtube THA REAPER 94 tercel

Why would a 1983 Toyota Tercel lose power?

blown head and loss of comperession in two of the four cylinders

What would cause the turn signals not to work on a 1987 Toyota Tercel after replacing the fuses and the bulbs?

Check the flasher.

What would be the cause of your dashboard lights not working at night?

Some cars have a knob for the headlights. If this knob is turned left or right when pulled out, it changes the brightness of the dashboard lights from off to full brightness.

Tercel Toyota starting problems?

I have a 96 tercel and it stopped run while I was driving it, the problem was bad battery cables and the motor would not trun and the lights on the dish board would dim when the key was truned, lastly the cables connected to the battery had alot of white "stuff" all over them. Cables changed end of story car starts fine now.

Why would the dashboard lights go out when you turn on the headlights on Vauxhall Astra?

Because it is British.

What would make my dashboard lights not work in my 1993 Chevy blazer Tahoe?

A blown fuse can make your dashboard lights to not work in your 1993 Chevy Blazer Tahoe. A burned out bulb can also cause this.

Why would a 1995 Toyota Tercel have no spark?

bad plugs, wires, distributer if it has one, bad igniter, faulty wiring.....

2001 Holden vectra dashboard lights won't work?

All my dashboard lights won't work on my 2000 Holden Vectra. Cigarette lighter, stereo, speedo, heater control lights and gear selection lights are all in the dark. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why would a 1997 Toyota Tercel have no electric current to the plugs it will turn over but wont start?

i had the same problem. i have a two door 97 Toyota tercel with auto transmission. it was a fuse for the ful injector. there was an extra one in the black fuse box under the hood. try this

What do you do when the instrument panel goes dead after battery trouble I have seat belt light on and i can see the transmission lights - Park Drive Reverse - lights blinking.?

Toyota Avalon - 2001 - My battery died, and in the process of replacing it, the dashboard guages and information console stopped working, dead! I did a search on the Internet and found: "My 98 LS400 battery drained since i left the door open accidently and interior lights were on. I did a jumpstart and the car started and everything works except for the DASHBOARD. Everytime I start no action in the needles and no lights on Dashboard. I have seat belt light on and i can see the transmission lights (Park, Drive, Reverse) lights blinking. " The answer that was attached: I "had a similar problem on my 2000 Toyota Avalon and it was the battery. Instrument lights would not come on after some work on the car. If battery is OK, disconnect the negative lead and let system reboot. " I never thought I would need to reboot my car! Gotta love the Internet!!

What would cause your dashboard lights and headlights to go out?

one half of my 1992 toyota camery dash lites dont work? Fuses, connections, bulbs... For bulb lookup see sources and related links below.

Is it the master or slave cylinder that sits outside the transmission casing on a 94 Toyota Tercel?

The slave cylinder would be the part at the transmission.

What does the abs light mean on a Toyota Tundra?

If the light is on your dashboard it would be the Anti-lock Brake System