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GMC had to reproam some dash assemblies, because they would flicker and work intermitantly(sp?). If you are getting no turining over of the starter, maybe the battery post is broken, as was the case with my 2002 Envoy. The lack of a solid connection at the battery post caused this to happen, and the car wouldn't start at a local shopping center. The dash would freak out as you mentioned. Thank god we were near a Wal-Mart (hate to say that), but they did replace the battery and showed me where the post had broken. Strange that it was corroded so bad that it broke!

2007-03-18 22:20:29
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Q: Why would the dashboard lights light up and the gauges twitch but there be no sound from the engine when you turn the ignition key on a GMC Envoy?
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How do you change Clio Dashboard Lights and Gauges?

lights are apparently (according to haynes manual) soldered in.

What does 'dashboard' mean as in dashboard in a car?

It's that part in front of the driver with the lights and gauges, radio, glove compartment, etc.

Why is Engine still running dashboard lights dim but on key in hand?

What kind of auto is it. Sounds like you may have an ignition switch problem.

87 Chevy Suburban have lights and horn but no ignition gauges interior lights or radio Any ideas?

If a 1987 Chevy Suburban has lights and horn, but no ignition, gauges, radio, or interior lights it could be a ground wire problem. It is possible that there is a short somewhere. Also check the dome light for a possible water leak in the headliner.

What are the meaning of the dashboard lights for a 1988 Mercedes Benz 300e?

The lights that light up your gauges. . . I don't think those are the lights being asked about. More likely you are inquiring about the service and warning lights.

Why a car won't turn on when the Dashboard Lights and Gauges go on and off quickly?

loose battery connection, or dead battery.

My 1987 Saab gauge lights stay on?

That is correct. On 1987 and later 900s the dashboard lights come on whenever the ignition is switched to ON.

How do you change out the color of the dashboard lights?

2 ways to change the color the lights show. 1. is to change the bulbs to desired color. 2. Change the gauges faceplate's.

2004 Chevy impala dashboard lights for gauges went out but cant find the fuse for it?

It has no fuse you have to replace the bulb/s itself

Why do my Dashboard gauges don't work but lights do?

it could have to do with the preasure systems. or your gears may be grinding. go to your machanic and check it out :p

Why does your dashboard gauges lights not work sometimes on a 2005 Chevy siverado?

A cracked wire or worn insulation may cause intermittent stoppages.

How do you replace the dashboard lights in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

Check engine light is out

Why does your 2001 s60 hesitate to move when you press the gas?

I had hesitation when moving off from a cold start in my S60 year 2004. I was advised to turn the ignition key so that the dashboard lights up but not all the way so that youstart the engine. Wait until the lights on the dashboard go out (the engine symbol remains light). Then, without taking the ignition key back to the starting position (ie from the same position as you stopped previously),turn the ignition key to the nextpoint tostart the engine. Since following the above steps, I have had no problems with hesitation when moving off from a cold start.

If lights work on dashboard but gauges do not 1995 Eagle Vision AC speedometer tachometer is it fuse or chip?

Its the fuse and if not its the fuse Boxs. by the cluch or brake peddle.

Why don't the dashboard lights work on the Pontiac Montana?

If all of the dashboard lights do not work at the same time on a Pontiac Montana, check the instrument panel relay. The relay is located on the firewall in the engine compartment.

What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols?

There are many meanings to the dashboard lights. The engine means that there is an issue with the engine. ABS and brake lights mean there are issues with those systems. The oil can means the car is low on oil. The wiper light means low wiper fluid.

What does the warning lights on the dashboard means?

Look in your car manual and it will tell you what each symbol means. For example, check gauges light could be low on gas or oil.

How do you make the headlights on a 1999 Mercedes C230 stay on all the time so they automatically turn on and off with ignition?

Set your light switch to "auto" on the dash and your lights will come on automatically with the ignition. Turn your light switch on your dashboard to "auto" or "automatic" and the lights will come on and off with your ignition switch.

What if you get no link on engine code reader?

If no lights are coming on the dashboard and depending on the vibrations. Could be a motor mount.

How do you reset the central locking on a t reg Astra?

Turn on the ignition so that your dashboard lights come on but dont start the engine, press the locking button on the keyfob within 10 secs, locks will engage then release. Done.

Dashboard lights on Peugeot 106?

What's the question? Yes, a peugeot 106 has dashboard lights.

What do Dash lights Nissan?

The dashboard lights on a Nissan are indicators to help maintain the safety of the vehicle. These lights let you know when you are running out of gas, oil or if you need to have your engine checked.

Dashboard lights on Lexus ES300?

There are quite a number of dashboard lights on Lexus ES300. The common ones include handbrake light, check engine, temperature, check oil, battery light and so many others.

What do the dashboard warning lights mean in a Nissan Murano?

2003 Nissan Murano "engine service", "VDC Off" and "slip" warning lights on. What does it mean?

What do the dashboard warning lights on a peugeot partner mean?

On a Peugeot partner, the dashboard warning lights typically mean you must get your vehicle serviced. They could be going off for a number of reasons, such as: the oil needs to be refilled or the engine is not maintained.