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The only way I know of that this could happen is if the lights have a bad ground.

Answeri am having the same problem and seams like my daytime running lights "controll module" is bad. its located under steering colume and has a 11 wire plug to it. . AnswerThere is a relay(#2) and a diode module in the relay box under the hood you can check. This is independent of the DRL circuit, so you could have DRL but no regular lights. If your DRL module is bad, you should still have high beams. That circuit doesn't go through the module. This is what happened to my 95, and what I did to fix it. Had intermittent lights and eventually no lights at all. Look at your fuse block. One of the two farthest corners has a connector with six wires. These wires come from the switch on the steering column. See if one of the wires looks burnt and/or if you can wiggle them and make the lights work. If you have that, then this wire is burning out of the connector and you need to try to fix this before you lose the DRL too. The terminal in my fuse block was damaged beyond repair, but the cicuit also led to an unused terminal in a three terminal connector beside the row of spare fuses. I put the appropriate sized spade terminal on the end of the burned-out wire and it was just long enough to reach over there and plug right in. I'm assuming it burned out from being loose and excessive resistance, maybe from being next to the clutch pedal. I've had no problem since the repair. Need more help try
  • Super Bonus* When your Metro stops firing, check the ground on the igniter (middle terminal).
FeedbackHave same problem, wiggled the six wire terminal as stated above, now have lights. Will repair terminal tomorrow after work. Helpful forum.
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Q: Why would the daytime running lights on a 1995 Geo Metro cause the regular lights not to work?
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Disabling daytime running lights 96 Geo Metro?

I pull the hand brake 1 teeth which hopefully has no effect on engaging the worn brakes on rear drums of the car. Of course brake lights turns on on the dash panel. Hope that someone comes up with better answer.

Headlamps and tail lamps not working on 2000 Chevy Metro just the daytime running lights are working Changed the fuse still not working?

In my case, when turning the lights on, the daytime lights turn off, but the taillamps still on. I found that the steering wheel combo switch (turning lights/windshield switch) connector (the clear color one, was excesive hot and the plastic melt. I changed the connector by a junkyard one and it worked. I guess if you don't have one handy, you'll need to fix your old one.

How do you fix headlights for a 96 Geo Metro if you have already replaced the bulbs and fuses?

Answerthis is what you need to know if I have just discovered this same problem in my mother's 96 Metro The daytime running lights work ok, but as soon as you put the lights on, the daytime running lights cut out and all you are left with are the parking lights. In addition the brights work when you pull the stick towards you, but will not stay on when you puh the stick forward to leave them on. I removed the whole fuse block from under the dash and discovered one burnt out terminal on the under side. All of the other terminals in the block are nice and clean looking except for this one that is dicolored with burnt plastic around it. My advice would be to replace the fuse block and possibly the connector that plugs into it.

How do I turn off the daytime running lights on a 97 Geo Metro. I would like them off most of the time.?

In the few rare cases that you would need the lights off while engine on, you can lift the parking brake one click. It won't engage the brake but will cut the lights. If you mean the headlights, this is a safety feature of the Chevrolet and many other cars and should remain intact. There is no switch to throw to shut these off.

How many metro trains are running in Delhi?

currently 160 metro trains r running in delhi

2000 metro your day time lights work and so does your bright but when you cut on regular lights they cut off What is causing this?

it`s in the steering column. mine did it! my uncles` did it! 1200 dolars to fix!!

Headlight issue 1996 metro Headlight switch off day time running lights work. Parking light switch on headlights and parking lights work headlight switch on no lights work. Anyone have ideas?

I would start with replacing the head light switch

Which fuel is used for running metro train?

Usually electricity.

Wiring diagram for brake lights on a 97 Geo Metro?

Most auto parts stores have wiring diagrams for a 97 Geo Metro. This includes wiring diagrams for the brake light, head lights, and much more.

Where can you find the lyrics to 'lights on'?

One can find lyrics to Lights On by going to the Metro Lyrics website. The website has the lyrics to a large database of songs, including the song Lights On.

Why do your hazard lights on your 1994 metro work but not your turn signals?

Turn signal flasher?

Why don't the headlights on the 1999 Geo Metro come on when ignition is turned on?

Check that your hand brake is all the way down. If your hand brake switch is tripped, the brake lihgt should come on, and the automatic running lights won't.

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