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I own a 1997 Ford Taurus and the same thing happened to me. The best answer that I received so far is that the module just went capoot (shorted, burned out, whatever). The default status for the module is "Steady On, High Beam". The quoted cost for the replacement part for me was $166.93 and the part had to be ordered. Not wanting to invest that amount of money yet, I pulled out the fuse (located under the hood) during the day and plugged it back in at night. I later found that I could leave the fuse out and just turn on my high beam when I drive at night (result is the same being that the default is "High Beam"). (I have to be inconsiderate for my short 2 mile drive and it's not every night). There are some postings out there explaining how to bypass the module. It appears that in some places it is illegal to do so. There is an increasing amount of consumers that see this module as an unnecessary expense forced on us. I don't know if you were expecting a technical answer to your question or not. Capoot is as technical as I can get. Good Luck!

I found a couple of Taurus Car Club topics specific to the Daytime Running Light (DRL) modules. See "Related Links" below for more

This is a great resource for all things Taurus/Sable!
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Q: Why would the daytime running lights on a 97 Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable stay on?
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