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Why would the dimmer switch instrument panel light and taillights not be working on a Nissan 300ZX?

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This happened on my car-it turned out to be a blown headlight fuse(15amp) and the hazzard switch on the left side instrument panel. Went to a junk yard and bought a new switch and replaced the blown fuse and ta-dah taillights I also replaced the dimmer switch also.

2009-03-20 01:35:57
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Where does the dimmer module located on a Nissan bluebird?

why is my dash board lights not working

Why gauges and speedometer lights won't lit?

have you checked the fuse? is the dimmer switch turned down? have they just quit working? Headlights/taillights work? Interior light? Need more info!! What have you checked so far?

You don't have taillights working on 1995 Mitsubishi mirage have new relay switch bulbs and fuses look good have backup lights what do you check next?

Try the dimmer switch, and or, check that your body has a good ground to the frame, and battery.

What is the sensor on your dash near the front window of your 2010 Chevy Cobalt?

It's the dimmer/on/off control sensor for the headlights/taillights.

Why are there No dashboard lights in my 1990 Nissan Truck and there are no blown fuses?

Check to see if the parking/tailights are working Could be a bad fuse, or switch Could be an open in the dimmer rheostat

Where is the instrument dimmer switch in a Ford Escort?

look on the dash board

Why did your halogen lamp stop working when plugged into a dimmer switch on a cord?

It was not designed to be used with a dimmer switch. You must have a halogen designed for use with a dimmer or it will not work.

What does the dimmer switch on a 1994 Nissan pick up truck control?

Dimmer switch controls the selection of either Hi-Beam or Low-Beam headlights

Where is dimmer switch on Ford Windstar?

The headlamp dimmer switch is mixed in with turn signal lever, push the lever forward for 'brights' The instrument panel dimmer switch is just right and down from the steering wheel, left of the radio it looks like the wheel on your mouse but bigger In 1999+ models, the instrument panel dimmer is to the left of the steering wheel - still looks like the wheel on your mouse.

How do fix the instrument panel lights if the bulbs and fuse are good?

Check dimmer switch.

What is the difference between dimmer switch and headlight switch my high beams aren't working?

The dimmer switch if for the instrument panel lights. The high and low beam switch is for the headlights. On most older cars the high and low beam switch was on the floor. Most cars have it on the turn signal lever now.

Where do I find the Dimmer switch on a 2002 Honda Civic?

Left button sticking out from the instrument panel

Why would the instrument panel lights not work even though the headlights are working on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler?

make sure your dimmer switch isn't turned all the way down. Then check the fuses next.

What causes the digital instrument lights to go out on a 1989 Lincoln Continental when you turn on the headlights?

the dimmer rehostat is faulty..if you drive with the dash on full bright all the time anyway you can jump out the dimmer by jumping the two end wires on the dimmer plug

Where are the instrument light controls located for a 1986 Chevrolet suburban?

The instrument light dimmer is on the main lighting switch - rotate to dim or brighten. Have you checked that your instrument light bulbs are all OK?

On a 1995 Galant why would the instrument lights go off when headlights are on?

turn the dimmer switch up.

Where is the instrument dimmer on an Mercedes e220 w124?

On the gauge cluster it should be the left knob. Just turn it.

If the right dimmer in the car is not working how do you fix it?

You just need to change the bulb!

Why is the gauge and running lights not working on 1992 acura integra?

Dimmer switch

Dash lights out on 1999 vw passat?

Are you sure that the dimmer switch is working?

The instrument panel lights stopped working on your 1994 jeep wrangler when all other lights work what do you check?

1) operator error. check dimmer switch setting. 2) all bulbs faulty, check and replace as needed 3) bad (burned or corroded) headlight switch. expect taillights to be out, your question indicated this is not so 4) loose connection at electrical connector to helight switch. Try moving tilt column and wiggling connector

How do you fix the dashboard lights on a 04 Nissan sentra?

check the dimmer switch.loose connections often mess this up.

A wiring diagram for instrument panel lights for 1998 Ford Explorer?

instrument panel lights for 1998 ford explorer the fues is good and when dimmer swtich is good

What causes the instrument panel on a 01 buick regal to stop working?

the lights are out on my dash, climate control and radio buttons, but are ok (but very dim) on the odometer and radio clock/display. it's like someone turned the dimmer all the way down. could the dimmer be bad? all my interior lights and automatic headlights work.

Why 1993 Buick Park Avenue instrument cluster lights not working?

Check the 1993 Park Avenue fuses first. Check the light dimmer switch to make sure that it is functioning. If these are ok, look for a bad wiring connection.