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This should be covered under warranty. I'd take it to a dealer.

This is probably due to some sort of electrical failure. It'd be fun to chase down. Easiest way to not kill your battery would be to pull the fuse for the dome light. You won't have a dome light, but your car will start in the morning too.

AnswerEach door has a button switch that when the door is closed, the switch breaks the circuit for the dome light. When the door is opened, the switch is allowed to make the circuit for the dome light. The switches are usually located near the door hinges. They are held in place with a keeper nut. Check each switch for tightness. It should not wiggle or be loose. If the keeper nut backs off for some reason, the switch will become loose and when the door is shut, it may or may not break the circuit. So, check each of these switches and make sure each one is rock solid tight. AnswerDoor buttons are plastic on 2003 cavalier and do NOT have "keeper nuts".

I had 1 damaged door pin but replaced both because 03 cavalier i just bought had dome light issue. Old pins get destroyed when removing no matter what. Everything was fine until i adjusted my dash lights via the dimmer switch which manually turns on/off dome light.. Now dome light flickers on and off so i am guessing it needs replacing..

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Q: Why would the dome light on a 2003 Cavalier come on intermittently even when parked?
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