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Check the battery cables and connector points. Remove them from the battery and check the inside of the cable connector and make sure it's not greasy feeling or too smooth. That can cause a loose connection which will make sudden changes in movement of the vehicle (such as braking, turning curves, or accelerating)to cause a loss of power to your electrical system. To correct - just use a little bit of sandpaper to roughen up the connectors (just a little) so they connect better. Make sure they don't wiggle any after reconnecting them. If that's not the problem, check to see if you just have bad or corroded cables. They may need to be replaced. I had a bad alternator when my car was doing that. The brake lights caused enough current draw that the battery couldn't keep up. Good luck.

2005-06-02 04:40:41
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Q: Why would the electrical system on a Mazda Protege shut down when braking and how can it be repaired?
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