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Why would the electricity flicker on and off when it rains or when the wind is blowing hard?


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2007-04-02 04:30:59
2007-04-02 04:30:59

The most likely answer is that your wires are loose where they connect to the utility powerline. Call your electrical utility and have them check it out. I had the same thing happen years ago. In my rural area this is usually caused by wet trees contacting the bare wires (several thousand volts) between tops of the utility poles. When they are wet trees conduct better. During a snowstorm you can watch the flickering sparks as snowy, wet branches touch the lines. The power company tries to trim back the overhanging trees every few years.


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Answer Could be that something is wrong in your wiring system. Perhaps a grounded wire. Better to call an Electrician before you have a fire in your home.

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If you were to leave a TV outside it is very possible for it to be stolen so I would advise against it. Yes but it would be very stupid cos if it rains, well we all know water and electricity dont go!!!

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