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well if it is a used vehicle the last person that had it may have used tghem to death. i will tell u now that replacing them is going to be a pain. i would take it to your machanic.

AnswerI've had that same problem with my Topaz. I had the break replaced and the problem came back after 3 months. I'm not carelessly driving with the E-break on or anything of the sort. I have a 5 speed and usually just leave it in gear when i park. Although, the E-break is nice to have when you want to idle the car for a quick second, a luxury I've only had for 3 months until it became problematic again. I wonder if anybody else has experienced this problem. I think it has something to do with the wiring.

First of all, check the 3 cables. If the first one, is not jammed, then you will have to replace the other 2 that go to the wheels. That's providing that the e-brake levers inside the drums are not rusted. When the car is on jacks, remove the main 1st cable, and with the drums off try and pull on the left right and left cables. This will tell you if they need to be replace. Not that expensive, and keep using the e-brake to keep them working.

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Q: Why would the emergency brake not work on a '91 Mercury Topaz and how would you go about fixing it?
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Diagram of brake lines on 1993 topaz?

need diagram of rear brake lines for 1993 mercury topaz

How do you get an emergency brake unstuck in a 1995 Ford Mercury Sable?

A lubricant on your 1995 Ford Mercury emergency brake can help to get it unstuck. Tapping on the emergency brake with a rubber mallet might also help.

What is the you p brake light mean in the Mercury Sable?

'P'arking or emergency brake

How do you fix 1988 S10 emergency brake cable?

Really ain't no fixing a brake cable. Replace it with a new cable.

How to adjust the emergency brake on a 1995 Mercury Villager?

It is self-adjusting, normally.

Passengerside Brake line diagram for a 91 mercury topaz?

If you are replacing the brake lines ( metal ) then just use your better judgment. They do not have to follow the original route.

Where is the brake release for a 1994 Mercury Topaz?

your question is a little vague. If you are refering to the parking brake, if it is a pedal style brake, once it's set, you push down on it again to release.

What makes brake light come on on 98 mercury mystique?

Either the emergency brake is on or the brake fluid level is LOW in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment

What if your I P brake light is on dash of 2002 mercury sable?

Either your parking brake / emergency brake is on or the BRAKE FLUID LEVEL is LOW , in the brake master cylinder located in your engine compartment

Why does the brake light stay on in your 1991 mercury tracer?

Check the brake fluid level in your brake master cylinder in the engine compartment ( the brake light also comes on if the parking / emergency brake is applied )

There are two levers where the emergency brake on my 1990 merc topaz is any idea what they are for?

Those two levers are to release your seat belt if you are involved in an accident.

What kind of rear brakes for a 1997 mercury mountaineer AWD?

Disc brakes ( with small brake shoes in the back of the rotors for your parking / emergency brake )

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