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This depends on whether the vehicle is gas or diesel fuel. A gasoline powered vehicle can have this fault if the fuel pump is failing. This causes the engine to "cut out" at high RPMs, when more fuel is required. It can also fail if the ignition coil is failing. When the coil is failing it tends to overheat during prolonged driving and cause the engine to stall. Diesel vehicles can either be caused by a failing fuel pump, water in the fuel filter that needs to be drained or a break in the wire powering the injector pump solenoid. If you happen to own a Nissan Serena with a SD20 engine, watch this spot. Mine has just started to exhibit those symptoms and I will be sure to update this answer as soon as the dealer has finished checking mine.

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Q: Why would the engine die while driving and start again?
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1990 Toyota corolla driving dies won't start again why?

Died while driving? Alternator

After the engine warms up it dies while driving and wont start again till cold?

Overheating ? - Check radiator for water and coolant, and engine for enough oil and not old burnt oil

1994Honda cut of while driving and wouldn't start again?

if it won't start up again chances are it's probably your fuel pump

Why does your 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT randomly dies while driving and will start up again then ride perfectly normal?

there is humidity in your engine control module

What if your 1995 Mercury Mystique stalled and stopped while driving Engine Cranks will not start again Battery Alternator and Starter are good What else would cause this?

check your timing belt

Engine shakes while driving and not driving?

engine rubber mounts or timin out

What causes a Toyota car engine stop running while driving?

when i am driving my toyato 2001 Eaco stops running, it will start back up

Why engine stalls while driving and sometimes at stops?

Why engine stalls on 1993 Chrysler Intrepid while driving and sometimes at stops?

What causes car to stall while driving then be able to start again after bout 30 minutes sitting there?

Stalling while driving may be caused by a collapsing or kinked neoprene fuel line.

I have a 1991 Chevy cavalier standard. While driving it I can only go for like 20 minutes then the engine shuts off and I have to wait for it to start again. What might be causing this?

it may be the o2 scensor

Why would the motor shut down while driving and not start again on my 2002 kia Rio?

Check timing belt

What would be the reason my 2001 Hyundai Sonata lost all power while I was driving and stalled and won't start again?

The reason your 2001 Hyundai Sonata lost all power while you were driving and stalled and won't start again is either the battery or the alternator. If you have no power you most likely have an alternator problem.

My car backfired while i was driving and now it won't start?

The year, make, model and engine info would help.

What makes an engine die after running for a while then sit for a while and start back up?

If your engine is over heating it could get too hot and quit running, then start again when it gets cooled off. Otherwise, "something" got too hot and quit working, cools off and works again.

1995 Pontiac grand prix loss power and dies while driving will start if jump started but dies again when you start driving?

A faulty alternator will cause those symptoms. You might want to get t checked out.

What would make a 3.1 96 Chevy berretta engine stop while driving and don't start back up again?

lots of possibilities but fuel system electronics, or timing belt are likely. more details needed

What cause a 2004 trailblazer speed odometer to stop working while driving but when the engine sets a while it begin to work again for a little while?

Our Vehicles have HORRIBLE Instrument Cluster Assemblies in them. Get it checked.

2002 cavalier Z24 just shuts off while im driving and will start again by itself or you will have to turn it over?

Have someone check your fuel pump pressure,if you lose fuel pressure while driving,and then it comes back that would explain why it seems to start by itself.

Your 1993 escort 1.9L died while driving now will not start engine turns over but will not fire?

if the sound of the engine cranking sounds unusual, your timing belt has snapped.

Why did my 96 Nissan 240sx die while driving and not start again also not getting any spark?

probably it had no gas or it was just to old

You own a 1997 Dodge Intrepid that will randomly shut down ie the engine will either not start or it will shut off while driving it restarts after 1-25 minutes and runs fine again?

try the cam shaft sensor

What would cause a 99 Gmc safari to shut down while driving an them not start again?

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark to run, one of those is missing. Being a GM product my money is on a faulty fuel pump.

My car lost power while driving and now it will not start why?

Your car lost power while you were driving and it will not start now because the battery is depleted.

What would cause a vehicle to lose power while driving?

If you lost power while driving and it did not start again, it could be an alternator issue. Double check the battery just to make certain it isn't an issue with the cable connectors too.

What could it be if while driving power starts to go but engine still runs but doesn't accelerate well then all power goes and engine dies but after a day car has power again and starts again no jump?

check fuel pump fuel pump