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Why would the engine stall when it heats up in a 4WD 1991 Ford Explorer?

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The O2 sensor is BAD and needs to be replaced. Whats happening is when the engine is cold the sensor sends an air to fuel mixture signal to the computer that satisfys the engine's requirements at start, but when the engine heats up the sensor then send a leanner mixture (To much Fuel) that the engine can't burn off so the Sparkplugs get wet and misfire stalling the engine.

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Why does a 1998 Bonneville sse stall after engine heats up?

Fuel Pressure Regulator - would do that -

Why would a 1996 grand am engine stall?

does my 1996 pontiac ga stall out in park

Would a bad ignition module cause a car to stall and not restart?

yes once the ignition control module heats up it would cause the vehicle to stall. usually after it cools down the vehicle will restart again.

Can a thermostat cause a vehicle to stall?

The thermostat control engine temperature. If it fails the engine can run hot or cold - that would happen long before over-heating caused the engine to stall.

Why would an engine seem to almost stall when put in reverse but idle fine in park engine is 94 351 windsor?

Why would it stall or almost stall in Reverse but not in Drive? How long since it's received a tune-up and thorough check-up? How is the compression?

What pedal would you full depress to ensure the car engine will not stall?


What can immediately rob an aircraft of all forward airspeed and lift resulting in uncontrolled descents?

That would be a wing stall, or just, 'stall'. This kind of stall has nothing to do with the aircraft's engine, if it has one.

Could your car stall from a loose spark plug?

If you have a loose spark plug, your car will not stall unless maybe your engine has 3 cylinders. If you have a 6 or 8 cylinder engine you would just loose some power and your engine would run a little rough.

How do you fix stalling engine?

After replacing minor components that would cause the vehicle to stall such as the fuel filter. Advance the ignition timing a few degrees and the engine will run better and there will be no more stall.

Would water flood cause engine sensor failure?

Driving through flood water would cause the ignition to fail and stall the engine.

When you turn the key engine start then let the key go and the engine stall?

My guess would be a defective ignition switch.

How many o2 sensors are in a Ford Explorer?

That would depend on what year of Ford Explorer and which engine you have ( my 1995 Ford Explorer with the 4.0 liter OHV , V6 engine has ( 2 oxygen sensors )

What would cause an engine to idle but stall when trying to accelerate?

Had a Jeep in the shop here with that problem last week and it turned out to be low fuel pressure. Try running a fuel pressure test. The Jeep would idle ok but when you tried to accelerate the engine would stall.

What causes engine to race and then stall?

The year, make, model and engine info would help but a serious vacuum leak could do that.

What would someone who didnt like you do to your car?

BUst your windows, pop your tires, stall your engine

Why would a Jeep stall and backfire if you already replaced the spark plugs wires ignition coil if it only does it once the engine heats up?

if your fuel pressure is low it will also back fire and stall when it is warmed up. check fuel filter and fuel pressure. check with a scan tool and see what the temp sensor is reading (You cant do this by looking at the dash guage)

Will an engine from a 1996 Ford Explorer fit a 2000 explorer?

I'm not a mechanic / technician , but if you mean the 4.0 liter EFI , V6 engine , I would say ( no ) From what I have read there are ( 3 ) different engine blocks for the Ford 4.0 liter EFI , V6 engine ( which is an Over Head Valve / pushrod design engine ) ( 1991 to 1994 Ford Explorer ) ( 1995 and 1996 Ford Explorer ) ( 1997 to 2000 Ford Explorer )

Would a battery temperature sensor cause your vehicle to stall?

No, it would not. There are many things that could cause a stall at idle. The throttle plate could be dirty as well as the mass air flow sensor. You did not mention the kind of car or engine size. Is the check engine light on, is it when the engine is warmed up or cold?

Will a 2000 Ford Explorer engine replace a 1993 Ford Explorer engine?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but as far as I know , the answer would be NO The Ford 4.0 liter OHV engine in the Ford Explorer used ( 3 ) different engine blocks ( 1991 to 1994 ) ( 1995 and 1996 ) ( 1997 to 2000 )

Why would your truck stall out when running and giving it a little more gas?

engine stalls at low speed

What causes the charger to stall some times?

More info such as the year and engine size would help.

What would stall an engine?

overheating it would. Or if it was stick not being in the right gear trying to find the system causing it would help, if the air intake or filter was so clogged it couldn't suck air it could stall, and low fuel pressure could also make it stall rather slowly. Bad electrical connections could cause a quicker stall.

Why would your jeep stall in idle?

Usually, a jeep's engine stalls in idle mode because of a battery power fault or because there is no gas. However, it is common for any car to stall when it has not been running for a period of time and the engine is cold.

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Why would a 1996 Ford Taurus stall when making a right turn?

If the engine runs cold you might try replacing the thermostat. I had a similar problem with a Plymouth van, at low rpms, turning corners,,, it would stall.