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Because the ignition switch is defective.

If not, then you may be be "dieseling" - meaning run on of the engine - that is BAD and you have to find out why it is doing that - usually something is misadjusted in the engine's carburetor or fuel injection system (usually a mechanical control)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:23:25
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Q: Why would the engine still be running after the keys have been pulled out of a 2000 Kia Sportage?
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How do you replace timing belt on kia sportage if it is already broke?

what year ? if it is say 2000 sportage with double overhead cam, possible real damage done, this IS an interference engine. In english, if timing belt breaks while engine is running severe damage can be done to valves, cams, pistons,etc. A $50.00 timing belt could easily cost you now $2500.00 to repair engine. If it just broke sitting still and NOT running, $ 458.00 to fix ,include water pump , it is driven by timing belt.

Why when you powerwash your engine while its running now the engine is still running but the car is not physically moving what could be wrong?

Because it's in park.

Does a diesel engine vehicle continue running if you remove the battery while it is still running?

Depends. An older Diesel is likely to keep running. A modern, with a full set of electronic engine diagnostic might not.

Will the heater core still leak in a 97 c 1500 if the heater or defrost is not used?

Yes it will, engine coolant still flows through it when engine is running.

Does your car use gas when you are sitting still?

If the engine is running it is using fuel.

What is the lifetime of a powerstroke 7.3 engine?

??? i have a work truck that is 600,000 plus and still running ???

Your 97 Tahoe stopped running as you were driving down the road why?

this happened on me, it turned out to be the earth strap from the engine to the chassis had gone rotten and broke loose, this stopped the engine from running but it would still turn over

Does driving backwards put miles on a car?

yes. you are still moving in a direction, and the wheels are still spinning, and the engine is still running, and the transmission is still being used.

Why does coolant leak after running your engine but not while driving?

A coolant leak while the engine is running is likely in the water return hoses. The vehicle can be standing still and in park, but with the engine running the fluids are still being pushed through the system to keep the engine cool. The water return lines generally run from the top left of the radiator when you are standing at the front of the car looking at the engine. Any leak in that system will likely not continue once the engine is stopped as the fluid no longer is pushed through the system.

Why do engine coolant fan keeping running after engine is turn off on 1999 intrigue?

The engine coolant fan can keep running after the engine is turned off in any car because the temperature gauge is in the radiator. As long as the radiator is still hot, the fan will keep running until the temperature gauge says it has cooled enough.

What would cause the engine cooling fan in a 1998 Saturn SL2 to remain running after the engine is turned off?

I've seen this happen in Honda's. Does it remain running for long periods of time or never shut off? If it is only running for a short time, it's cooling off your engine still because it's still really hot. There's nothing wrong with this.

What is the reason for performing a dyno test on an engine?

The main reason for performing a dyno test on an engine is to make sure the engine is running smoothly after changes have been made. When you adjust things like fuel and air, you still need to make sure the engine is running properly.

How many miles will a jetta engine last before a major problems?

I have 250,000 and still running.

Are you considered parked by law if driver is still in car and engine is running?

I believe you are "standing", not parked.

Why does your car air condition blow hot air when idle?

Your car can only create cold air if the engine is running to make the coolant work correctly. If your car is idle, your engine is still hot but your engine isn't running so the air you are receiving is actually air heated by the engine.

What is the average life expectancy of a Chevy Blazer engine?

I have a 1999 with 200,000 miles on it and still running strong.

Is footloose still running?

Is footloose still running

Is there a switch on the Chevy Impala to enable heat to blow when the vehicle is running but sitting still It does not appear to operate unless the vehicle is in motion?

Blower motor switch. Put it on High and it will blow when sitting still with the engine running.

Why is it that when you turn the car off its still running?

Could be that your idle speed is too high, or engine is running too hot causing the PMC to deliver a richer mixture,

Which battery powers the van in a 1994?

If it is a diesel engine, both will power it (parallel) still running 12 volts

What is the average life of a Chevy blazer 4.3v6 engine?

I've got 171k and still running like a champion

What is the most miles put on a Nissan v6 engine?

I have a '98 Nissan Pathfinder that has over 371000 miles on it and still running strong.

Is Cake Boss still running?

yes it is still running!

Why is your Cadillac STS still reading 11.9 battery volts?

Bad alternator? A fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 without engine running With engine running should read approx. 13.8-14.2 volts

Why after switch off the ignition engine still runs?

Run on, a continuation of running after the switch is turned off, can be caused by hot carbon deposits in the engine continuing to ignite the fuel that flows into the running engine. You can buy products to clean out engine carbon. Sometimes just a good run at highway speeds can cure it. Another possibility is engine timing is set incorrectly.