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Why would the front passanger floor board get wet in a 1998 jeed grand Cherokee limited?

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βˆ™ 2012-03-31 18:33:05

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One of three possibilities:

A windshield or door leak allows rainwater or other outside water in.

A leak in the heater core allows radiator coolant to leak inside the cabin.

A plugged condensate drain line is causing AC condensate to drip to the inside.

My door seal is bad and lets in rain water. Try to use the water hose and see if you can see the water leaking in. That's what we did.

Had the same problem..Had to find the A/C drain hose by drilling a hole on pass. side wheel well..then re-routed hose to drain down instead of inside the vehicle.

2012-03-31 18:33:05
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Where it the on board diagnostic two found in a 1994 accord?

Passanger Side on the floor behind carpet.

Were is the fuse panel on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokke?

passanger floor board rt side

Where the fuse box inside a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

in the floor board on the front passenger side. If you were sitting in the front passanger seat it would be right next to your right foot. There is a panel that you have to pull off.

How can you look under the rear floor board of a jeep Cherokee?

Get under the car.

Where is the starter on an 89 Chevy S-10 2.8 liter engine located?

it should be under the passanger side floor board.

Where is the main computer for a 2004 Nissan Maxima?

the computer will be located inside the car on passanger side on the kick panel, in floor board under carpet, under seat

Where is the fuse for the dome light in a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

the fuse box is on the floor board in front pass. side. should be in there.

Where is the ecm on a 1987 Ford Ranger?

the engine control module (ecm) is located behind the passanger kick pannel. which is located by the floor, passanger side.

Cadillac leak from passanger side?

You need to be more specific. If it's in the inside floor board it would be your heater core. If you post a more specific e-mail I might be able to help

How do you remove door lock on a 1990 Trooper?

passanger side, near to the floor.

Where is the fuse block on 1999 jeep Cherokee?

one under the hood and one in the right front kick panel passengers floor out board side

Height of the back board from the floor?

Distance from the floor to the base of the back board

Where is the computer located on a 1991 Honda Civic?

The computer is located under the passanger floor mat.

Water in floor on drivers side 88 Chevy truck?

sounds like it could be a bad heater core. that usually leaks into the passanger side floor.

What is a BO2 floor shifter secondary detent system for 1997 jeep grand Cherokee limited?

It is a recall that adds a part to help prevent the shifter accidently getting knocked out of park.

Where is the heater core located on a 95 Z28?

it is behind the glove compartment. it will leak on the passanger side floor if it's bad.

What height must a fuse board be?

it should be mounted at a height not exceeding 2.25 meters measured from the floor to the top of the surface of the board or 1.4 meters to the bottom of the board from the floor

Where is the ECM in a 1991 Toyota Runner 4WD?

Passanger side, on the floor, right side foot panel below the glove box.

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You need to step on the portals on floor 3 until one leads you to floor 7 then use the portal on that floor to reach the board room.

Why Floorboards are wet on passenger side 2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

some pump underneath the passenger side floor is clogged. unsure of what pump it is though. Mine was like that too. Cost around $200 to fix.

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Is a Muffler Heat Shield needed on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

The heat shields on the Cherokee models are needed. The floor pans in the Cherokee models are thin and are penetrated by heat very easily. If you have driven one much, you will notice that the drivers and passengers front floor pans get quite warm from the engine heat. This is true with the muffler also. If it is not shielded the floor will get really hot and penetrate into the cab.

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under driver's floor board. there is a hole in the floor to fill it.

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