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Does the car start? because if it doesn't... then your fuel cutoff has been tripped, likely by the car getting hit closer to the gas tank and tripping the cutoff valve. if it's anything like the cutoff in a '91 escort, you should be able to take off the small panel access in the trunk/hatch and reset the switch, if it's the same, it's pretty easy

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Q: Why would the fuel cutout light come on on your 1989 Ford Escort GT and how do you go about fixing it?
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1994 ford escort running very rough the fuel cutout light comes on for a second when car is first started?

I would start off by changing your fuel filter and putting some Marvel's or Lucus Fuel treatment in.

Why does the fuel cut out light on the dash in a 1994 ford escort?

I share your pain when it comes to the fuel cutout light.. for me I came to the conclusion the computer was out of loop from all the stereo wiring that was done in the past.. this includes my idle sensor, oxygen sensor, ect... for cure your problem I would look to an expert to have your computer reset seems it cant be done without specialty equiptment..

Why would the battery light come on for a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2?

either alternator or wrong size battery

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Why would fuel cutout light on dash light and cutout switch not tripped and car will not start?

is the cutoff switch a normally open or normally closed switch ? If it a normally closed switch as it should be then the switch will need to activate with the ignition in order to supply fuel. There could be a problem with the fuel cutoff relay or a fuse. Also if you are using a non factory key then this might also happen.

How do you turn the engine light off in your 2001 GMC Sierra truck?

Fixing the problem which causes it would be the first step.

What would cause the Battery light to stay on in a 1990 Ford Escort?

The battery light comes on because: \ 1. The serpentine accessory belt has broken. 2. The alternator has worn out.

What would the problem be with your 94 ford probe you get a fuel cutout light and then your battery gauge goes down like it is draining and then shoots up to the high side then settles back to normal?

get a new alternater

Why would the brake light on the dashboard be lit on your 94 ford escort lx wagon while the brake is not on?

To indicate a problem with the brake system.

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What engine fit into a 1995 ford escort?

i have a 1992 ford escort lx 1.9l. will a 1995 ford escort engine fit. and what would have to replace.

Why would the parking brake light stay on all the time on a 2001 Ford Escort?

Try checking the switch in the hand lever itself. Sometimes it can get a piece of trash stuck in it.or it can be worn out. On a 93 escort the parking brake light also doubles as a low brake fluid warning light. It may be the same with a 2001. So you could have a leak somewhere.

What is wrong with a 1991 Ford Escort if the fuel cutout light is on and it will not start?

While the probable answer is that the fuel cutout has been trigggered by some external shock, Another case where the light comes on is when the ignition switch has shorted. Open in the switch may not cause the same light. Shorted switch can cause the starter to become engaged anytime the gear selector (auto) is in park or nutral.Other shorts in the ignition switch can dump direct to ground without energizing the starter. A battery draw test would show voltage draw in this case but isolating voltage draw on modern cars is very hard with aftermarket or factory valet and alarms engaged. I don't know, but I had that once and had to find the button to reset it so I could start my car again. The button is in the trunk, on top on the right wheel well. Push it and your good to go...Maybe. Can the ignition switch still be bad even if it doesnt engage the started anytime, but its starting and the Fuel Cutout is lighted only when starting?

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Why would the brake lights of your 98 Ford Escort stay on even after you turn off the car?

Could be the brake light switch above the brake pedal.

Would disconnecting the automatic seatbelts in your 1992 ford escort keep it from starting?

It shouldn't prevent it from starting however it will cause an error light on the instrument panel to light up indicating an error with the automated system.

Why would a 1995 ford escort have its check engine light come on when driving on the freeway or for long periods of time?

Try checking the gas cap. if it is not tight, the engine light tends to come on at random times

How would you fix 1997 escort code PO 112?

Google '97 escort P0112' and take your choice.

How would you know if your thermostat is bad in a ford escort?

how do you know if the thermostat for the ford escort sport 1999 is bad

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Why would your 97 Ford Escort gear shift be stuck in Park?

Stop light Switch is bad...costs about 6 bucks to replace it....its on the brake pedal itself

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