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That means you need to get toa gas station.

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Q: Why would the fuel gauge drop and the fuel light come on while driving a 1994 Plymouth Breeze?
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Why does the brake light on 1998 Plymouth breeze keep coming on?

Your brake fuild might be low.

Why does your battery light stay on your 1999 Plymouth breeze?

Alternator defective, or alternator belt broken or slipping.

What does it mean when a dash light that looks like a battery appears on your 1998 Plymouth breeze?

Alternator is not charging the battery

What does it mean when the engine light on a 1998 Plymouth Breeze is on but it has oil and antifreeze in it?

You should check your fluid levels, your oil and coolant.

Why does the oil light come on in your 1997 Plymouth breeze?

Bad sending unit, low oil, low oil pressure.

How do you remove and install rear tail light assembly for 1999 Plymouth breeze with circuit board?

There are three or four retainers from inside the trunk. You then pull the light rearward.

Does a Plymouth breeze shut off when to low on oil?

Not that I know of. The oil pressure light comes on at a very low pressure, but it will not shut the car off.

When was Plymouth Light created?

Plymouth Light was created in 1842.

How do you replace a tail light on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

In the trunk directly behind the tail light pull the carpet back and there are three twist off plastic nuts take them off then pull tail light straight out

Check gauge light comes on in your dodge ram when you are driving?

Is it low on Gas or Deisel? if it is that will trip the check gauge light. Or if you ever run the fuel low. It needs time to reset it self.

What is light wind?


You were driving your car the other day when the oil light came on You stopped at a red light and your car shut down You tried to start it but it only makes one click in the engine?

It needs oil. My 97 Plymouth Breeze burns oil like crazy, I put more in every other time I fill it up with gas.

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