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You're going to need to do more research. Get a wiring diagram of the vehicle and find out what else is on the circuit. You may need to remove individual components from the line and re-connect them individually until you find out which one blows the fuse. This particular problem may take some investigating and a lot of time. It's all trial-and-error.

I had this problem with my Breeze and at first I could change the fuse and it would be fine for days maybe even weeks then became more frequent. took to shop it was the cylinoid on the starter causing the problem

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โˆ™ 2010-04-26 01:07:44
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Q: Why would the fuse that goes to the ignition and starter contiue to blow out after changing it?
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Why would a 1987 Comanche with new ignition componets not want to start?

I had the same problem. Putting in a new starter relay and changing out the battery cables fixed the issue.

What would stop fire from getting to the starter on a 89 camaro?

either a dead starter or a bad ignition coil would be my guess

Why does the starter engage when the battery is connected without a key in the ignition?

It would help to know what model and year vehicle you have but my guess would be the starter solenoid is stuck on.

Why would the ignition click but not turn over?

Dead battery, corroded or loose battery or starter cables, defective starter or starter solenoid, loose ground connection.

What would cause an intermittent grinding noise from the starter when the car is idling and when changing gears?

if it is in fact the starter, it is probably engaging the flywheel. starter may be faulty.

Why would my truck not start with aNew starter battery alternator?

check the wiring change the starter relay and clean ignition switch with electicial cleaner.

1995 Dakota won't start battery good starter good will push start can arch the strater and will start and run replaced ignition switch still nothing?

might be starter relay, or the crank circuitry from the switch or to the starter from the relay. I would trace back from the starter to the starter relay back through the neutral safety switch to the ignition switch.

Why would a 1996 Dodge Avenger keep blowing the ignition switch?

I had a 96 Stratus that would do that, and it turned out to be that the starter was bad.

Why would my Tahoe try to start when you connect the battery WITHOUT a key in the ignition?

Did you just put a starter on it ??? Sounds like the starter wires are on the starter wrong are thay are shorted out. CHECK THE WIRES GOING TO THE STARTER CLOSELY.

Why would a 2001 Dodge 2.7L keep blowing the ignition fuse.?

If it blows when cranking the starter has failed.

How do start a 1994 Chevy cavalier when the battery and alternator is good but still wont turn over?

First, make sure your all of your electrical connections and fuses are good. (battery cables are not corroded and cable to starter and ground are good) If they are good, it sounds like you either have a bad ignition switch or starter. You might try having someone turn the ignition switch to start position while using a multi-tester to see if you are getting power to the starter. If you are getting power to the starter, and it won't engage, chances are you need a new starter. If you do not have power to the starter, you might have a bad ignition switch. In certain circumstances you might try tapping on the starter with a hammer while someone is turning the ignition switch to see if it will engage. If it will, I would look to a bad starter. I have found that a majority of the time, a starter is the problem, not the ignition switch. Hope this helps.

What would cause an electronic ignition ignitor to blow out?

A fire in the jet pipe would. the blow out circuit is used to blow out a jet pipe fire during ignition. this circuit stops the starter motor thus cancelling the ignition and fuel flow.

When car will not start with news battery what is wrong?

No gas Ridiculous...hoping that there is gas in your car...I would say either the starter or the ignition switch. When you get the car started, take it to autozone and let them do a free diagnostic on your alternator, battery, starter and ignition module.

1993 f150 cranks no spark fuel pump starter coil ok?

Would be in the distributer or the ignition module

What would cause a car not to start after replacing the starter?

I had the same problem. I took it to a mechanic and they told me it was the ignition switch.

When i turn the ignition over it makes a clicking noise but it wont turn over or start. 1990 Chevy truck?

my first thought would be to check the starter . if you can tap on the starter and it starts after have a bad starter .

Where does the purple wire from the starter go and what is its purpose?

The small purple wire on the "S" terminal of an older GM vehicle starter would lead to the ignition switch. With the key in the start (crank) position, the purple wire signals the starter solenoid to engage the starter.

What would cause a Mazda mx6 not to start?

plenty of things could be a starter, alternator, ignition switch, bad spark...

Why would the starter on a 1977 trans am not be getting power?

Have you checked the ignition switch on the column . I had to replace the one in my 1977 Trans Am.

Vw 2003 jetta won't turn over?

Could be your battery, starter, ignition, check them... would start with the battery !

What would cause my MPV VAN not to startit wont turn over just clicks.could it be a ignition switch?

could be the starter

ON A 1999 FORD f550 truck why would you have no power to the ignition wire at the starter solenoid?

Possibly the neutral switch is at fault.

Where is the starter motor in a vauxhall zafira?

This would be located right behind the ignition. If you need this replaced, it is best to go to a mechanic.

What would cause a new starter not to work on a 1996 VW Jetta?

bad battery. bad ignition switch bad solenoid or the new starter is faulty,has been known to happen

On a 2000 2.5L V6 What would cause the engine not to turn over Charged the battery and cleaned the terminals What next?

Well if everything but the starter engages when you turn the key the starter is bad, if not then your ignition switch may be bad. Starter would be my first choice in any case.