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Why would the gas and temperature indicators and all audible alerts all stop working in a 1997 Chevy Malibu?


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2004-10-01 10:03:24
2004-10-01 10:03:24

Check fuse labeled Gauges.


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Fuse location for temperature gauge for a Malibu

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In any vehicle, when the radiator system is working correctly, the temperature gauge needle should be just below the half way mark when up to operating speed and temperature.

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Why does the temperature gauge on your 2001 malibu not work and the cooling fans run all the time?

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Standard running temperature is 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The coolant temperature sensor on a 2002 Malibu 3.1L is located near the front of the engine. It is on the driver's side next to the PCV valve.

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