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There is a voltage regulator 4 the guages in back of the dash.there is another name 4 it but I'm not sure of it.One of your Parts experts will know the name of it :->

AnswerI have a 1990 Astro, the coolant gauge and speedometer lights stopped working, i took it apart and noticed the bad design of the electrical harness. This plugs into the back of the dash and disconnects or shorts somehow. I'm thinking from gravity and vibration. It wasnt obvious it was loose, I plugged it back in and it worked for a couple of hundred miles, then not. Meanwhile I used a flashlight for the speedometer. My van overheated on the freeway and I would have known sooner had my gauge worked.My fault, their bad design.
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:23:36
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Q: Why would the gauges in your Astro still not work after changing the fuses?
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