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Why would the gear shift of a 1997 Escort not move out of park?


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2004-11-15 09:41:30
2004-11-15 09:41:30

I'm having the same thing with my'93. So far I know its related to the brake lights not working. Its the shift inter-lock.


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forget to tell, the car as an automatic transmission

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The shift cable probably needs to be adjusted. Make sure the level of ATF is ample.

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your shift linkages arent aligned proper, or there is something wrong with the cable.

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My 1997 would not shift out of first gear, was 'throttle position sensor'.

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Escort doesn't have a gear shift cable. It has a gear shift rod. To remove it: Remove the shift control rod nut and bolt Take off the shift knob. Remove the console. Remove the shift boot. Pry out the shifter spring. Lift the shift ever out of the housing. Take the nuts that hold the shift housing on the end of the extension bar. Take the extension bar from the transaxle, lower the shift housiing and take the shift control rod from the transmission.

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