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Why would the gear shift stick?


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2006-07-09 21:29:14
2006-07-09 21:29:14

Possible bad clutch will do it. Check to make sure that the trans fluid is full with the right viscosity and check the clutch, clutch master cylinder,& the slave clyinder in the transmission.


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manual stick shift BMW what cause to shke when i change in to the first gear

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You need to shift the stick shift like your going to put it in sixth gear but you have to push down on the stick shift as your putting it into sixth gear.

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If stick shift jumps outta second gear is it okay to drive the car?

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The gear stick has a diagram of where to move the stick to engage a certain gear. For example, if Gear 1 is in the top left corner, you must move the stick to the fair left, then forwards to engage first gear. Oh, and you have to push down the clutch each time you change gear.

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Sounds like choose a gear & shift into it with the stick.

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