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Try putting in a new battery and then making sure the hazard switch is off.

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Q: Why would the hazard lights stay on when the battery is dead and won't recharge when jumped?
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Do hazard lights work when battery is dead?

Hazard Light versus Dead BatteryNO, IF the battery is truly dead, then the hazard lights will not work.However, if there is some power left in the battery, even though the voltage may be extremely low, then the hazard lights maycontinue to work.

Why does your ATV battery go dead after using lights?

The magnatron is not recharging the battery or the lights are drawing too much power to allow the battery to recharge. The best thing you can do is when you are done riding, turn the lights off and allow the machine to run for a while to recharge that battery.

Battery is dead when accidentally leaving lights on?

normal just recharge it

I have the car jumped and get no lights or cranking power?

needs a new battery

Will hazzards work on your car if your battery dies?

The hazard lights get their power from the battery so if the battery is dead they will not work.

What is it when the tail lights stay on and interior lights stay on and make clicking sound on 94 stealth?

The engine is clicking with all of the interior lights on? Dead battery... and for future reference... if there is no clicking= really dead battery and it might not recharge. In that case check the alternator, if the alternator is still good, just buy a new battery. If the battery continues to fail to recharge get a new alternator.

If my car won't start and the lights are not coming on but it can be jumped off what may be my problem?

The battery is dieing down and you should go and get a new battery or get your battery charged

Can you recharge a battery that was drained because the lights were left on?

Yes. Check the fluid level first (unless it's a sealed for life) and recharge in accordance with the manufacturers instructions

2011 Ford edge hazard lights keep coming on is there a fuse I can pull?

No. There is no fuse that you can pull if your 2011 Ford edge hazard lights keeps coming on but you can touch the little red triangle which is the hazard button and it goes off or disconnect the battery.

What should you do when your battery dies because lights where left on?

Well you should charge the battery. Often times the battery will recharge itself if you alow it to sit without trying to crank it again.

Alternator gauge definition?

provides electricity to keep the engine running, recharge the battery, and operate such equipment as lights and radio

How long will your car battery last with your hazard lights on?

Good batteries will last 10 hours or more.

Why do my hazard lights keep blinking on 1988 Mazda B2200 truck until I turn headlights on but then the turn signals stop working?

first make sure hazard lights are not you need to ckeck the grounds from the battery.

Why would hazard lights stay on when you changed your battery on your ford focus?

Hazard light??? Do you mean charging system light? If so it is on because the alternator is not functioning properly.

Where is the Hazard lights switch on a 1962 Ford Thunderbird?

Doesn't have hazard lights.

What is the hazard fuse?

It is the fuse for the hazard lights or as they are sometimes called, emergency lights.

Your car won't turn on but your lights and everything works but When i try to crank it the lights get dim what do you think it is?

Does the engine crank but not start? Or does it not even crank? Based on the information you gave, you could have a bad starter or weak battery. Dead battery. Recharge it or get a new one.

How should you troubleshoot battery not charging on a 1998 Harley FLSTC?

I put in a new battery which went dead after a few hours of riding. The bike started when jumped and ran OK except the speedometer didn't work and the lights were dim. If you jumped it from a car you likely destroyed your stator.

Why do the hazard lights stay on in dashboard?

If you will notice the hazard lights are not actually flashing, reason being, the hazard flasher relay is defective. Replace it.

You have a problem with the hazard lights on your 1984 Ford F-350 when you turn on the hazard lights and apply the brakes the hazard lights stop blinking when brakes are released they resume binking?

get the whole care re wired also dont turn on your hazard lights!!!

Why do the hazard lights blink when break?

if you mean: "why do hazard lights flash when brakes are on", then the answer is because vehicles are equipped with a hazard light relay that supercedes the brake lights. This way, slow moving vehicles can operate under hazard lighting.

Why do the lights flash on my 95 Honda Accord when i replaced the battery outside lights as well as all the dash lights?

I dont have an answer but I am having the same problem. My car wouldn't start but when I turned the key, the lights (hazard and dash lights) started blinking. I think it's a warning that the battery is not completely connected. We tightened the clamps (which were very loose) and it stopped.

Where are the hazard lights on a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo located?

the location of the hazard lights is on top of the steering colum.

What is the use of hazard lights?

Hazard lights should be used if a vehicle is pulled over on the side of the road. If a vehicle is going slow when pulling something behind them, hazard lights should also be used.

Why are hazard lights flashing while charging battery on ford fiesta lights flash a few times then stop for few secs then start again?

Theres a bad earth due to corrosion.